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Former WWE pirate Paul Burchill appears in NWA

When hearing the name Paul Burchill, there is one thought that crosses my mind. Pirate!

I don’t say that negatively. I was actually intrigued by the swashbuckling gimmick. It’s silly fun that could work in the right circumstances. The pirate persona only lasted a few months in 2006 before WWE sent Burchill back down to OVW. Burchill returned for another infamous gimmick with hints of an incestual relationship with on-screen sister Katie Lea.

Burchill resurfaced this week on NWA programming. There was no pirate outfit nor carnal desire in his loins for siblings. Burchill was just looking for a shot.

The backstory revolves around the Spectaculars, previously made up of Rolando Freeman, Rush Freeman, and Brady Pierce. The partnership combusted leading to a Loser Leaves NWA match between Rush and Pierce. Rolando was special referee and backed his brother by hitting Pierce with a low blow. With Pierce out of the picture, the Spectaculars opened a search for new members.

The tryouts took place on episode 134 of NWA Powerrr. Billy Corgan joined the process sorting out the best applications. Burchill was in the mix.

The Spectaculars put Burchill through the test of swiveling his hips, but he was a little stiff. They also touched on his fondness for nautical cosplaying. Burchill wasn’t actually sure what this audition was even about, however, he would accept an invitation to wear the bow tie if it meant the opportunity to wrestle in the NWA.

Other contenders included Italian fashion model Mercurio with an eye for the ladies, Tyler Midas with the golden touch, and KC Roxx with a party vibe.

The Spectaculars discussed the options. Their focus was on being a scholar and a gentleman with sex appeal. Rolando and Rush were split on who to choose. Rolando favored Midas for his untapped potential, while Rush viewed Burchill as a proven commodity that could lead them to success. The vote ended in a stalemate, but we’ll find out the winner next week when the Spectaculars compete in trios action against the Southern Six.

View the full Spectaculars audition on Powerrr (part 1 at 21:05 and part 2 at 34:34).

What is you reaction to seeing Paul Burchill pop up in the NWA?

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