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Becky Lynch makes history for her terrible performance on Celebrity Jeopardy!

ABC on YouTube

WWE star Becky Lynch competed on last night’s episode of the popular game show Celebrity Jeopardy! She was going up against fellow celebrities Macaulay Culkin and Rachel Dratch.

The Man made history for her performance on the show, but not in the way anybody wants to:

As detailed above by The Jeopardy! Fan, through the first two rounds of the game, Becky failed to give a single correct response to any of the 60 clues in the game. At that point, the score was $8,700 for Culkin, $7,600 for Dratch, and -$2,500 for Lynch.

Becky finally broke her streak on the 73rd clue of the game, in the Triple Jeopardy! round. She also went on to give the correct answer in Final Jeopardy!, after she was given $500 to even play in that round.

The final score was $33,601 for Dratch, $33,600 for Culkin, and $1,000 for Lynch.

Earlier today, Becky took to social media to have a little fun with the results:

What do you make of Becky’s historic game show performance, Cagesiders?

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