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The D’Angelo Family’s female associate gets her WWE name

Last week, a young woman who looked a little and sounded a lot like a Sopranos character showed up on NXT. Accompanied by two henchman-types, she delivered an envelope to Chase U.

We still don’t know exactly what was in that envelope, just that it led to a Tag title match that coincided with an investigation into a scandal at Andre Chase’s school (and, strangely enough, that it seems to have gotten Jacy Jayne & Chase on the same page for the first time since Jayne started mentoring Thea Hail).

We do know the mysterious lady with the stereotypical Italian-American accent is allied with Tony D’Angelo’s Family. Because she showed back up after Tony D & Stacks reclaimed the NXT Tag Team championship from Chase & Duke Hudson in the aforementioned title match, rebuffing prospective challengers and announcing a Family celebration for next week:

So who is The Family’s new female associate? Fans recognized her as Anna Keefer, a member of last fall’s Performance Center class. The former collegiate All-American in Track & Field just debuted on the NXT house show circuit last weekend, and now she’ll be known as...

Adriana Rizzo, howudoin?


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