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Gunther makes sure we know he thinks Ultimate Warrior wasn’t a real professional wrestler

During an appearance on The Bump last Wednesday (Nov. 8), Intercontinental champion Gunther and his right-hand man Ludwig Kaiser hyped his upcoming title defense against 8-time IC champ The Miz at Survivor Series.

Der Ring General praised Miz (and his frequent rival Chad Gable), but things got spicier when Megan Morant and Matt Camp asked Gunther & his Imperium mate to give their thoughts on some other former holders of the Intercontinental belt.

Honky Tonk Man caught the expected flak. Respect was paid to Randy Savage, Curt Hennig and Bret Hart — although Gunther still isn’t happy with The Hitman’s criticism of modern ringwork after attending last year’s Clash at the Castle.

When The Ultimate Warrior came up, the champ said Warrior’s 1988-1990 reigns were “the real dark ages”. Morant insisted Warrior was “one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all-time”, to which Gunther simply replied, “no, he’s not” before agreeing with Kaiser that Warrior was a “showman” and “not an athlete, not a professional wrestler”.

It took a while, but a clip of that moment started to spread around the wrestle web earlier this week. Today (Nov. 15), Gunther put it out there himself:

Can’t let all that viral #engagement go to non-WWE Twitter/X accounts.

Despite WWE’s efforts to rehabilitate Ultimate Warrior’s image after reconciling with him shortly before his passing in 2014, there are reasons in and especially out of wrestling to dislike the man behind the character. Imperium’s panning of the Hall of Famer is in character, but the fact Warrior isn’t as beloved a figure as someone like Macho Man probably factors into the decision to call attention to this clip.

Whatever the reasons, you now know that Gunther thinks The Ultimate Warrior sucks.

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