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The night Steve Austin and Mick Foley broke Diamond Dallas Page

DDP learns that’s the way the cookie crumbles with two pranksters.

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As wrestlers travel from town to town, it’s common for many superstars to pair up and room together, splitting the cost of the hotel bill. That can lead to strange pairings and even odder stories, such as one shared here on Cageside Seats between the Undertaker and the Iron Sheik.

It can also lead to some good-natured teasing, or ribbing, among the boys, such as the story Mick Foley told in 2000 in his New York Times bestselling autobiography, Have A Nice Day: A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks.

While working for World Championship Wrestling in 1993, Foley was traveling with Steve Austin and Diamond Dallas Page during a week-long loop through the Carolinas. Unbeknownst to Page, Austin and Foley made a bet on how many days it would take to break the intense DDP.

“Three days,” Austin said, but Foley, a bit more confident, said they could get him to crack in two.

The trip began with Austin making age-related quips at Page, who shrugged off some stone-cold humor. “Stunning” Steve and Cactus Jack, as Austin and Foley were respectively known then, were each under 30 at the time, while Page was nearing 40.

An excerpt from Mick Foley’s 2000 autobiography.
Have A Nice Day: A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks

But by day two, as Foley predicted, Page was cranky, making the future proprietor of DDP Yoga inflexible to the gags that were about to come next.

When the trio checked into their hotel for the night, Page was angered to find that their room had no towels. After ordering some from room service, Page went down the hall to get ice to treat his injuries. When the towels arrived, Austin hid all but two.

As Page returned, he was upset to find only a washcloth and a hand towel. Page then left to get the towels himself. While gone, Austin pulled the stash from hiding and placed them by the television so Page would see them as soon as he walked into the room.

Finally, Page went on to shower. When he finished, a nude DDP began his evening ritual of tacking the blinds to the wall to keep as much light out as possible before going to bed.

In his book, Foley said a fan had given them a batch of chocolate chip cookies earlier that night. While Page was in the shower, Foley estimates that he and Austin filled Page’s bed with at least three dozen cookies.

Not long after getting under the covers, Page noticed something unusual and began wiggling around.

“What, what, what’s this?”

As Page began to put the pieces together, Foley and Austin remained silent. After a few more moments, Page realized what was between his sheets.

“There’s ****ing cookies in my bed! Someone put ****ing cookies in my bed.”

Foley said he began laughing, which gave him away. A naked and furious Page began tossing the crumbled cookies at Foley. Next, he jumped on top of Mr. Bang Bang and asked, “There, how do you like it, how do you like ****ing cookies in your bed?”

“Well,” Foley replied, “it’s not the cookies that I mind, it’s the fact that you’re rubbing your naked ass all over me.”

According to Foley, a dejected Page then got up and returned to his bed, sweeping away the remaining cookies before declaring he would get his own room the next day.

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