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Who is Shinsuke Nakamura waiting for?

Shinsuke Nakamura is in the midst of a feud with Alpha Academy on Raw, picking up wins over Akira Tozawa and Otis the past two weeks while getting ready to face Chad Gable next Monday. But Nakamura calls that “just a distraction”.

His main focus is on... something else.

I am frustrated. You are blessed with so much privilege. So, I am taking away your choice. The opportunity is mine now. These distractions have not taken my focus off you. Win or lose your next battle, you will only be less than. Not my problem. I will wait... for now. Because I know it all ends by my hands.

First off, shout out to the Triple H regime for having Nak do these promos pre-taped and in Japanese. It’s the closest WWE’s come to capturing the weird charisma that made Shinsuke impossible to take your eyes off of when he was with New Japan.

Beyond that... what you talking about Shin?

Since he’s been on-screen for a few references fans have interpreted as being about CM Punk and used the GTS on Raw last month, a few social media accounts held the above promo up as the latest evidence Punk is WWE bound. They’re seeing or hearing something I’m not though (and ignoring tons of reports that Punk is not currently WWE bound), because there’s nothing in that video that would really apply to Pepsi Phil.

The two more logical guesses are a return to feuding with World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins, or starting a program with Cody Rhodes.

While going back to Rollins after losing in two PLE title shots wouldn’t make a ton of sense, he fits the “not taken my focus off you” part of the promo. That line doesn’t really fit Rhodes, but it’s the only thing that doesn’t. A time-filling program with Nak could be the thing that gets Cody to his April date with Roman Reigns in Philadelphia.

Let us know what you think Cagesiders... even if what you think is “CM Punk return imminent”.

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