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WWE NXT results, live blog (Nov. 14, 2023): Tag title match

Here's a place to check the results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live on Tuesday night at 8 pm Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Advertised for the Nov. 14 show from the WWE Performance Center: Chase U will defend the NXT Tag Team championship against former champs Tony D’Angelo & Stacks... and maybe we’ll find out what’s going on with Jacy Jayne & Andre Chase in the process.

Alpha Academy will be back as Noam Dar’s guests on The Supernova Sessions, Brawling Brutes are coming for OTM, and Baron Corbin goes one-on-one with Wes Lee.

Plus, we continue down the road to next month’s Deadline premium live event with two Iron Survivor qualifying matches announced by WWE Hall of Famer Lita: Roxanne Perez vs. Lash Legend and Trick Williams vs. Joe Coffey! And more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. A running record of everything that happens will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


Caught in a web, removed from the world. Hanging on by a thread, spinning the lies devised in my head. Caught in a web, refused by the world so I can liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with a recap of the NXT Tag Team Championship “scandal.”

Chase U (Andre Chase & Duke Hudson) (c) vs. D’Angelo Family (Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo & Tony D’Angelo) (NXT Tag Team Championship)

Chase and Lorenzo to start, collar and elbow, Stacks with a waistlock, Andre fights out with a snapmare, Channing with a wristlock. Snapmare/wristlock cycle repeats, again, tight nearfall off a cradle from Chase! Hudson wants the tag, Andre denies him, side headlock, reversed, shot off, D’Angelo in and so is Duke!

Lariat from Hudson, back and forth, Gallon Throw on Stacks, malfunction at the junction with D’Angelo and he shoulder blocks Duke out of the ring! Throwing Andre after, he hip tosses Lorenzo over the ropes into them and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Hudson throwing elbows with abandon, trying to fight his way out of the corner, big Rock Bottom on Stacks... NOPE! Channing kicks him to the floor, elbow drop off the apron lands true! Back inside, crawling for the tag, reaching, kicking at Tony to create an opening... TAGS MADE!

Andre in hot with forearms, whip across, dropkick, swinging neckbreaker, fired up, fireman’s carry, stacking ‘em up in the corner and suplexing Channing into the Don! Up top, fired up, diving crossbody for two! Hart Attack from the challengers... SO CLOSE! Stacks with a rana pin, Andre sidesteps, enzuigiri connects!

D’Angelo makes the blind tag, Duke with the slingshot German suplex on Stacks! Pulling Tony to the apron, looking for the slingshot German to the floor but D’Angelo sidesteps and puts him into the steel steps! Chase takes him out, puts him back in, up top, big cover and a big nearfall!

Andre and Tony into it, spinebuster from the Don sets it up...

D’Angelo Family win by pinfall with Bada Bing, Bada Boom on Andre Chase, becoming your new NXT Tag Team Champions.

We get the video of Lita announcing tonight’s Iron Survivor Challenge qualifying matches.

We see Meta-Four walking backstage and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Dominik Mysterio is walking backstage in a slick Art Barr t-shirt.

Baron Corbin rolls up to congratulate him and talk about how much they hate Wes Lee.

Meta-Four are in the ring for Supernova Sessions.

Noam Dar welcomes us to his show and points out he has his beloved NXT Heritage Cup chained up so nobody can steal it from him, before introducing his guests tonight, Alpha Academy.

Gable calls Dar lucky, Jakara Jackson offers that Noam is in face the greatest of all time instead. Dar says Akira Tozawa had the place popping last week, but this is his game. Tozawa says if it weren’t for the rest of Meta-Four, the title would have been his. Otis hits on Lash Legend, she calls secutiry, Noam yells a bunch, and so on.

Chad says he doesn’t have to look or go anywhere, he’s got his next challenger right here, and makes like it’s gonna be Otis. Dar accepts the match for next week, but Gable reveals it’s gonna be him!

And so we go to break.

Lash Legend vs. Roxanne Perez (Iron Survivor Challenge Qualifying Match)

Collar and elbow, Perez floats over, side headlock, Legend tries to suplex her out of it, she lands on her feet, tijeras blocked so she changes gears to a crucifix pin for two! Big palm strikes, Lash biels her into the corner, big boot, diving sunset flip but Legend hangs in there and draws her up! Arm drag out of it, dropkick sends Lash to the floor!

Off the ropes, Jakara Jackson trips her up, and the referee ejects Meta-Four from ringside! Legend with a schoolboy for two, pump kick follows, smashing Roxanne’s face into the mat, scoop and a slam! Perez with desperate right hands, a dropkick to the knees, elbows to the jaw, off the ropes, Lash counters with La Atlantida! Shaking it in, Roxanne slips out, dropkick in the corner!

Off the ropes, suicide dive connects, back inside, diving crossbody, off the ropes, wheelbarrow facebuster... STILL NO! Sidestep the handspring moonsault, Jakara came back, Kiana James runs interference and Lash plants Perez with a big boot...

Lash Legend wins by pinfall with a folding press, qualifying for the Iron Survivor Challenge.

Backstage, several tag teams are hanging out.

Tank Ledger wants to take things to a higher level like the D’Angelo family are right now, Edris Enofe says they he and Malik Blade should be new number one contenders, Angel Garza and Humberto Garza interrupt, and the Family rolls up with their titles to celebrate.

Garza says to enjoy it while it lasts, Tony D’Angelo points out the last time he saw them they got put through tables by the Creeds, and the champs leave.

Malik and Edris get into a shoving match with Humberto and Angel as we cut away.

In footage from yesterday, Robbie Brookside and Johnny Moss are going over tape with Lyra Valkyria when Lyra gets an invitation for tea from Xia Li, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get footage of the warrior tea ceremony.

Xia Li gives Lyra Valkyria a garment to wear and says this is how her ancestors honored their rival before combat. They bow at each other, Lyra more awkwardly, and sit down for the ceremony. Li says her warrior spirit has been alive in the last months and she wants to be noticed.

They must choose the correct tea leaves for the correct construction of their fight. Select the leaves, add the water, and the leaves transform, representing what happens to them during their match, brewed at the right temperature at the right time. Over time, the leaves can’t withstand the heat and break down and crumble, and that will happen next Tuesday when Xia consumes her.

Lyra refuses to drink the tea, and Xia says that means she will have to show no remorse in their battle, and that’s fine by Valkyria. They bow at each other again and Lyra leaves.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams are interviewed backstage.

They explain that accidents happen and that things got heated, but it’s squashed now, and Lexis King is gonna get his. Hayes says Trick is also gonna get his by qualifying for the Iron Survivor, and he’s gonna be at ringside to have his buddy’s back, and so we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get footage of Kiana James crowing about costing Roxanne Perez the match, Gigi Dolin gets in her face about it, Arianna Grace is doing her fake-motivational deal and Gigi tells her she’s gonna get her ass whooped tonight.

Backstage, Bron Breakker is interviewed.

He has no remorse for what he did to Von Wagner and Robert Stone and he kicks ass and whatnot.

Donovan Dijak rolls up and they go back and forth about whether or not Bron will be in Iron Survivor and Dijak wants him to be because he’s the one man he cannot break. Breakker says if he is in the match, he’ll have Don begging for retribution.

Joe Coffey vs. Trick Williams (Iron Survivor Qualifying Match)

Test of strength, Coffey takes him down with an armbar, Williams gets away! Arm wringer, reversed, side headlock, shot off, up and over, Trick with a scoop and a slam! A second bodyslam, a big dropkick right on the button, off the ropes, Joe looking for a backslide, Williams fights out and knocks him to the floor with a big right hand!

Gallus squaring up to save their boy, Coffey shoulder blocks Trick and puts boots to him on the floor! Back inside, snapmare, clawing at Williams’ ear, back into a kneeling armbar, knee to the back while yanking on both ears, back to the armbar! Lariat sends Trick Willy to the floor and we go to break!

Back from commercial, whip reversed, big backbreaker from Coffey! Hot Shot, Williams fires back with a jumping neckbreaker, trading punches in the middle of the ring, scoop and a slam from Joe for a nearfall! Whip across, duck a lariat, shoulder block from Trick! Kick combinations rolling, flapjack, Williams fired up!

Drawing him up, Coffey fights out with elbows, a headbutt, Trick gets him anyway, Rock Bottom... NO DEAL! Gallus running interference, Carmelo trying to even the odds but he accidentally low-bridges Trick and sets him right up for a suicide dive from the Iron Man!

German suplex, only two, All the Best for the Bells countered...

Trick Williams wins by pinfall with the knee strike, qualifying for the Iron Survivor Challenge.

Ilja Dragunov appears out of nowhere and surprises Wes Lee.

Lee congratulates him on winning the title and Ilja asks about their rivalry and his time off but Wes says it’s all water under the bridge. Dragunov asks him to leave a little bit of Baron Corbin for him, and Lee says he’ll do what he has to before turning down a title match and saying he has some other stuff to take care of

Brawling Brutes make their entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Lexis King rolls up to chat with Baron Corbin.

King says taking Trick Williams out was a big move and he wants to know how he got it done without getting caught. Lexis refuses to share his technique and wishes him luck in the main event.

Brawling Brutes (Pete “BUTCH” Dunne & Ridge Holland) vs. Out the Mud (Bronco Nima & Lucien Price)

Dunne and Price to start, Lucien hammers him but Pete wrenches his arm to the mat and stomps the bicep! Stereo Beats of the Bodhran, OTM fight out of it, Price with a huge stomp out of the corner on BUTCH! Nima tags in, working Dunne over, eventually Holland gets the hot tag and cleans house!

Big Bossman slam, Price kicks out! Dunne tags back in, but Lucien manhandles him and slams him into Ridge, tag to Bronco, suplex lift dropped into a single knee gutbuster... NOPE! Pete up top, Nima comes after him and he wishbones the fingers! Moonsault off the apron takes SCRYPTS and Price out, Holland plants Bronco with a powerbomb!

Brutes get him up...

Brawling Brutes win by pinfall with an elevated DDT on Bronco Nima.

Joe Gacy cuts a promo from the roof where he talks about how he can feel the energy of the people below him reverberating through his feet, and how nobody knows him and he’s not here to burn ships or be the biggest dog in the yard, he’s here right now, unhinged? Maybe. Maniac? He won’t argue that.

Maybe this is where it ends, maybe this is where he lets go, but maybe not— Gacy throws his phone off the roof!

Gigi Dolin makes her entrance to send us to break.

Arianna Grace vs. Gigi Dolin

Collar and elbow, Grace slings her off, back to the lockup, O’Connor roll from Dolin for two! Gigi with a crossbody, another nearfall, Arianna lands a crisp boot into punches and gets a cover of her own! Whip to the corner, straight suplex, backslide gets a small package, no deal!

Grace smashing her head into the mat, cover for two, rear chinlock applied! Gigi out, kick combination, elbows, arm wringer into an STO... NOPE! Arianna with a backslide, foot on the ropes but the referee catches her! Dolin with a flash kick...

Gigi Dolin wins by pinfall with the Cobra Twist slam.

We get a video package for Von Wagner and Robert Stone.

Cut to the two of them having watched it and Stone asks Wagner to come over his house for dinner. Von is excited about the pasta his wife makes with the little sausages, but easy on the asparagus please.

We see Baron Corbin shadowboxing and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Eddy Thorpe is interviewed.

He says this year has been a trip and he hasn’t been around since the strap match with Dijak because it took a toll physically and mentally and he needed time to recharge, but he’s back and he’s ready to show why he deserves a shot at the Iron Survivor Challenge.

Drew Gulak and his gang roll up.

Gulak calls him delusional, Charlie Dempsey says he’ll show him no quarter, Eddy says he can’t be broken, and Dempsey says that only because he’s never been in the ring with the likes of them.

Andre Chase gives an impromptu press conference in the parking lot saying he’s devasted at the loss of the titles but has no further comment. Jacy Jayne drives up and bids him get in and get away.

We get an explainer video for the Iron Survivor Challenge.

Baron Corbin vs. Wes Lee

Lee out the gates punching but Corbin arm wringers him to the mat! Right hand buckles Wes at the knees, big chop in the corner! Whip across, tijeras out of the corner, enzuigiri, dropkick, Lee rolls away from a senton and blasts Baron with a roundhouse kick! Back roll, upkick, knee sets up an enzuigiri, to the floor, suicide dive reversed into Deep Six to send us to break!

Back from commercial, Baron in control, huge short-arm lariat! Drawing him up, smashing him into the turnbuckles, hammering overhead elbows to the jaw! Sidestep, Corbin into the post, Wes with knees and a dropkick that sends him to the floor and a suicide dive follows into punches over the announce desk!

Back inside, missile dropkick, only two! Corbin cuts him off, nearfall of his own, fired up, short-arm End of Days blocked, backbreaker connects, trading kicks and both men are down and out! Up in the corner, enzuigiri sends Baron to the floor, Lee off the ropes, Dominik Mysterio appears and shoves Baron out of the way and eats a tope con giro for him!

Wes with punches to Dominik, referee DA Brewer counting, Lee makes it back in in time but Corbin is waiting...

Baron Corbin wins by pinfall with End of Days.

Post-match, Ilja Dragunov runs down and hits a German suplex on Baron Corbin! Fired up, he charges in but Baron plants him with End of Days and holds the NXT Championship over his fallen body!

Ilja gets on the mic and tells Baron he made a great mistake and there will be consequences. He wants an NXT Championship match so bad? He’s got it, and he’ll see him at Deadline!

That’s the show, folks.

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