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Logan Paul is good at pro wrestling, proves it again while teeing up an LA Knight feud

Some of us may not like it, but signing Logan Paul is working out really well for WWE. He’s taken to the in-ring parts of the job really well — and basically built his entire career on pro wrestling-style self-promotion before becoming a pro wrestler. Now he’s just promoting WWE’s product while promoting himself.

Exhibit A: Paul’s time on screen during UFC 295 on Saturday night (Nov. 11).


Exhibit B: this video he’s shared on all of his platforms. In it, Paul is looking to turn his recently-won United States championship into some quick cash with a jeweler/gold broker. He heelishly disrespects the belt by saying he doesn’t know its history outside of who he beat for it (Rey Mysterio) and then teases some potential opponents, calling special attention to another Megastar... LA Knight:

It’s not Logan’s first mention of Knight. He’s done it on SmackDown, in his reality-twisting* and not-very-convincing** boxing retirement announcement, and during a YouTube video on his brother Jake’s channel. Here, LA gets special mention (and a YEAH edited in) as Paul says Knight “damn sure” won’t take the U.S. title from him.

Feels like that’s a big money program just waiting to happen. The big question is when it will happen. Do they string things out until WrestleMania 40, or do it at Royal Rumble?

Let us know what you think — about Logan Paul and/or him feuding with LA Knight — in the comments below.

* Logan Paul has not boxed 25 matches in his life, at least not that the public could see. He’s also not undefeated in the handful the public has been able to see.
** Again proving his pro wrestling skills, Paul’s retirement seemed pretty tongue-in-cheek and can be easily walked back.

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