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The Undertaker talks about the worst roommate he ever had

The night the Deadman didn’t sleep, and what another WWE Hall of Famer did that kept him up all night.

The Undertaker, aka Mark Calaway, recently opened a Patreon account where, for a fee, fans can listen to The Phenom share stories from his 30-plus years in the wrestling industry. Now, snippets of those stories are making its way to YouTube. And for anyone who ever wanted to hear the Undertaker, once a man a few words, do an Iron Sheik impersonation, that day has finally arrived.

Titled “The Worst Roommate Undertaker Ever Had,” Undertaker recalls when he was in WCW, and after a night at the bar with the boys, he and the Sheik were rooming together at some dive motel in West Virginia. After some time, the Undertaker returned to their room and was nestled in bed when the Sheik came in sometime after two in the morning.

A couple of hours later, at around 4:30, Undertaker woke up in a freezing cold room. After looking around, Undertaker noticed that the former WWE Champion wasn’t in his bed and that the glass door to their balcony was wide open, explaining where the cold air was coming from.

When he stepped outside, Sheik, dressed only in his wrestling tights, was doing Hindu squats. By his guess, Sheiky Baby was out there for some time because he saw steam coming off his head.

“What are you doing,” Undertaker asked.

“Bubba, it’s good for lungs. Excellent, excellent cardio. Doing a thousand, a thousand Hindu squats,” Sheik replied.

Annoyed, he returned to bed without raising a stink because Sheik was the legend, and he, the future Big Dog, was still a pup in the industry.

“I’m getting a little pissed, but I’m still a greenhorn, a rookie, right? I’m a rookie. I got no say.”

A short time later, the Sheik begins to take what Undertaker described as “the longest shower I’ve ever heard any human take,” which he estimates was close to 90 minutes. Once the shower turned off, Undertaker figured things would settle down, and he could at least get a short rest.


“Then, the next thing I hear is the blow-dryer starts,” said Undertaker. “And I’m trying to think, like, what on Earth is he blow-drying?”

The Sheik, who was bald, also shaved his body hair, according to WWE’s Grim Reaper. Perplexed, he got up and went to the bathroom, where the door was partially open. When he walked in, he saw the Sheik blow-drying his mustache.

“Excellent, bubba, huh? Mustache look good?”

After that experience, the Undertaker found excuses to avoid rooming with the Iron Sheik again. To this day, the Deadman isn’t sure what to make of his roomy’s behavior.

“I don’t know if he was all tweaked up. I don’t know. To me, something is going on,” said Undertaker.

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