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WWE Raw preview (Nov. 13, 2023): Drew McIntyre doesn’t have time to deal with your stupid questions

Raw airs tonight (Nov. 13) with a live show from Capital One Arena in Washington, DC. This is the second episode of Raw during the three week build towards Survivor Series, which takes place on Nov. 25.

Drew McIntyre doesn’t have time to deal with your stupid questions

Have you ever shown up to work bright and early in the morning, only to want to immediately leave and go back home after dealing with stupid questions from stupid people?

That’s the situation Drew McIntyre found himself in last week when he showed up to the venue for Raw and was barely out of his car when a WWE interviewer asked him about losing to World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins at Crown Jewel. Drew didn’t have any patience to deal with that shit, so he got back in his car and drove off, skipping the rest of his night on the job. What a true babyface hero who we can all relate to.

Later in the show, battle lines were drawn when a War Games match was booked for Survivor Series featuring The Judgment Day vs. Cody Rhodes, Jey Uso, Sami Zayn, and Rollins.

JD McDonagh stands out as the weak link on The Judgment Day’s side of the war. If Rhea Ripley wants to ensure that her team wins the war, her best strategy is to continue bargaining with Drew to get him to work with The Judgment Day. When you consider that Jey Uso is on the other side and Drew absolutely despises him, Rhea shouldn’t have too much trouble wrangling Drew over to her team. And she knows better than to drive him off with a bunch of stupid questions.

There are only two episodes of Raw between now and War Games, so there isn’t much time for Drew to decide how he will affect battlefield, if at all. Hell, if he steps out of his car at the venue tonight and the first thing he hears is that obnoxious laugh from Seth, McIntyre might even take the initiative to find Ripley and admit she was right about everything.

Before we get to War Games, WWE Tag Team Champions Damian Priest and Finn Balor will defend their title in a rematch tonight against Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso. The Judgment Day needed help from Jim Uso last time to win the belts back from Cody and Jey. Will Drew McIntyre be the ace up their sleeve that helps them retain tonight?

Let’s see what decision Drew makes tonight regarding War Games.

The rest of the title scene

Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER has a date with The Miz at Survivor Series. Before Miz makes it there, he’ll have to face Ivar in a singles match tonight. It sounds like Miz and Ivar were both supposed to win last week’s number one contender match, but Ricochet botched the ending of it after suffering a head injury. Just in case there’s a lingering question as to Miz being worthy of the IC title match, a win over Ivar tonight should put that to rest.

Zoey Stark emerged victorious in last week’s Battle Royal and will now challenge Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley for the belt at Survivor Series. Plenty of folks will dismiss Zoey as a huge underdog in this match, so she has two episodes of Raw left to make the statement that she is a real threat to Rhea.

Tegan Nox is back and she wants to become WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion. To that end, she’s squaring off with Piper Niven in a singles match tonight.

Other stuff to keep an eye on

- Shinsuke Nakamura ran through Akira Tozawa last week, and this week he gets the chance to do the same thing to Chad Gable’s top student, Otis. How will Gable react if Nakamura continues to outclass Alpha Academy?

- Xia Li finally made her move on Becky Lynch last week, ambushing The Man and taking her out of the mix for the number one contender’s Battle Royal. Tonight Xia gets to show off her skills in the ring when she steps in there for a match against Indi Hartwell. Will The Man show up looking for payback?

- Speaking of Lynch, there’s a rumor that she might be joining the women’s War Games match, which on the surface has nothing to do with Raw. If that’s true, is there any chance that Damage CTRL shows up tonight and pre-emptively strikes?

- Imperium screwed DIY over last week in their tag team match against The Creeds, leading to tonight’s singles match of Tommaso Ciampa vs. Ludwig Kaiser.

- What’s next for Bronson Reed after he was pinned and lost last week’s number one contender match for the Intercontinental title?

- Will the New Day continue messing with The Judgment Day, or have Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods learned their lesson after losing against them last week?

- What strings are being pulled behind the scenes by Raw General Manager Adam Pearce and SmackDown General Manager Nick Aldis as they compete to sign Jade Cargill to their show?

- Where the f*** is Omos?

What will you be looking for on Raw?

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