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Logan Paul retires from boxing: ‘I’m going to be a wrestler now’

The influencer is about frog splashes and five-star matches from here on out.

WWE United States Champion Logan Paul made a surprising announcement during a recent interview that will either please or upset wrestling fans, depending on how one feels about the controversial internet celebrity and now-former boxer.

Paul stopped by Fox Business’ “Varney & Co” to discuss the success and marketing of PRIME, the sports hydration and energy drink line founded and promoted by Paul and fellow social media personality KSI. The show’s host, Stuart Varney, wasted no time in asking Paul if he was done with boxing, to which the new U.S. Champ replied:

“I think I’ve retired from boxing. I think I’ve done enough in this sport, going fully undefeated at 25-0. So, yeah, I’m going to be a wrestler now. [...] Yeah, no more money in boxing. Every company is going broke. So, full-time wrestler.”

When asked if he made more money in wrestling than boxing, Paul hesitated before saying that was confidential. But when asked if he made more money in wrestling than with PRIME, Paul laughed and immediately said, “No.”

For much of the segment, Paul talked about the success of PRIME, saying the sports drink recently celebrated selling its one-billionth bottle and reaching $1.2 billion in sales. But throughout the interview, Paul put his WWE career over as much as possible while openly pondering his appearance on the business program.

“I’m not a money guy. I don’t even know why I’m on this show. I’m not like a business guy, to be honest with you. I’m just the United States Champion. I’m focused on frog-splashing people and putting on five-star matches.”

Later, Paul spoke again about his commitment to be a fighting champion, inviting anyone and everyone to come and take their best shot at the champ.

“Yeah, man, you know I gotta defend this belt. There’s gonna be people coming after me: Seth Rollins, LA Knight, Cody Rhodes, like whoever wants it can come get it. Mr. Bad Bunny, whoever wants it can come get it, but I got some stuff to do in WWE.”

The full interview can be seen here or below. In the meantime, wrestling buffs concerned that WWE had just handed over one of its top prizes to another part-timer can perhaps rest easy. Logan Paul is retired from boxing (for now) and is committed to being a five-star performer.

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