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Nick Aldis ‘officially suspended’ Kevin Owens from WWE SmackDown

We sure did enjoy Kevin Owens’ stint filling in for Corey Graves as the third person on SmackDown’s commentary team last night (Nov. 10).

But you know who didn’t? Grayson Waller & Austin Theory, that’s who.

KO’s been feuding with the look-a-like duo since he was traded to the blue brand last month. So when LA Knight beat Waller, Owens couldn’t stop clowning the Aussie & his buddy from A-Town. The heels didn’t like that, so they got in Kev’s face, poured water over his head and threw the bottle at the other Kevin announcing the show, Patrick.

There was a method to Theory & Waller’s madness, too. SmackDown General Manager Nick Aldis put KO on commentary on one condition — he couldn’t get physical with anyone on the roster. So when Owens made the decision to retaliate, he knew what the consequences would be.

The former NXT & Universal champion was hoping Aldis didn’t see him break the GM’s one rule (love ya, KO, but you did stun Waller in the middle of the ring on live television). He also apologized for getting Nick’s tie wet. Alas, it was to no avail. Owens is officially suspended...

No word on the duration. And hey, maybe Kev was able to talk himself into a reduced sentence.

He always has had a way with words.

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