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Vince McMahon doesn’t want to talk about misconduct investigation, does want to talk about WWE’s giant American flag

TKO Group Holdings Executive Chairman Vince McMahon was interviewed by Fox News this week.

Did he talk about how the company continues to list him as a risk to their business due to the various sexual misconduct allegations against him, the payments he made to keep those quiet, and how the government is still investigating him as a result? What about his decision to sell 8.4 million shares of TKO for nearly $700 million, which led to a drop in the UFC & WWE parent company’s stock?

Nope. McMahon & Fox talked about this:

Of the 76’ x 40’ flag flying above the new WWE headquarters for the Veteran’s Day holiday, McMahon said:

“It’s one of the largest flags in the country and I think it’s a representation of how so many people feel about our country. Not too many flags fly these days. And this is something that’s nonpolitical, simply the patriotism of what we stand for and what so many people in our country stand for.

“The size of it, I think, just represents how many people in our country love our armed forces, love what they have done, especially those who gave their lives.”

He goes on to discuss the importance of honoring the people who’ve served the United States via the military, and how he feels the Nov. 11 holiday dedicated to doing so is at risk of being forgotten.

All good points. We definitely support nonpolitical celebrations of this country’s best ideals (McMahon specifically mentions freedom of speech) and honoring those who’ve given part or all of their lives to defend them. And as wrestling fans, of course we’re going to pop for a big, showy gesture like a giant flag.

We might also like to hear if a man who’s been a part of our pop culture lives for decades has anything more to say about the various scandals that have followed him around for the past couple of years. Some reflection beyond a denial of intentional wrongdoing, or characterizing them as mistakes he’s owned up to and moved on from. His alleged victims might like that, too.

But both for legal and “Vince being Vince” reasons, we’ll have to settle for flag talk. As Ryan Gaydos of Fox writes:

McMahon, 78, has been mostly out of the public eye over the last couple of years as he faced sexual assault allegations, a lawsuit that was later settled, and a federal investigation. When asked for comment by Fox News Digital, McMahon declined.

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