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WWE Raw results, live blog (Oct. 9, 2023): Fastlane fallout

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Oct. 9, 2023) from the CHI Health Center in Omaha, Nebraska, featuring all the fallout from the Fastlane premium live event that went down this past Saturday night in Indianapolis.

Advertised for tonight: Cody Rhodes & Jey Uso are the new undisputed tag team champions and The Judgment Day has some issues to work out. Meanwhile, Raquel Rodriguez will attempt to get payback on Nia Jax for what happened after the latter’s return. Elsewhere, Kofi Kingston takes on Ivar once again in singles action only this time in a VIKING RULES match, and a whole lot more.

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Raw live blog will kick off once the show starts on USA Network. It will be below this line here. Reminder: GIFs and pics allowed, but no links to illegal streams, please.


Were you dying to go? You just looked so exposed, demure through the dark dancing lights, but me? I’m just here to liveblog this pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with a recap of Fastlane.

Seth Rollins makes his entrance and gets on the mic.

He tells Omaha he’s feeling some kinda way tonight and says adrenaline is a powerful, powerful thing and Shinsuke Nakamura took him to his limit on Saturday. There were times in that match he didn’t think he’d be able to get back up, but he did. And there were times in that match that he didn’t know if he’d be able to keep Shinsuke down... but he did.

When that match was over, the whole arena sung his song and he felt like he was on top of the world. Then he went to the back, the adrenaline wore off, and he was very quickly reminded that his back is still very broken. He’ll level with us— being our World Heavyweight Champion is one of the great honors of his career, but he wants us to know...

...he’s just getting started, baby! He’s a fighting champion and he’ll take anyone on anywhere, but he wants to know if he can just go ONE Monday night without having to fight for his life? We can still sing a little, celebrate, dance, maybe throw back a few cold ones—

Enter Drew McIntyre, most certainly a one that is cold.

Seth says he’s not out here to party and Drew gestures “nope.” Rollins asks if he wants a title match, and McIntyre gestures “yep.” Seth says he just wanted one night but he doesn’t give a damn if he’s not at 100%, he’s a fighting champion, give him a minute, he’ll get changed and we can—

Drew tells him to relax and the party’s still on. He knows somebody is gonna jump him sooner or later but McIntyre’s here to look him in the eye man to man and tell him he wants a title match, and he wants him as close to 100% as he can get, so he was thinking maybe a title match next month at Crown Jewel.

Rollins doublechecks his narrative and says he’s a little unsure how to respond since his challengers usually don’t go about things this way, and asks if he can have a little help. Drew is happy to let him get his help, and Seth asks the crowd if they like that idea.

Of course they do, and of course Rollins gives him his match and says the party’s just getting started and hey, McIntyre used to be in a band, maybe he can sing a little? Drew says he has some business backstage but tells the crowd that if they see him out on the town tonight, they can buy him a pint and a shot.

Seth leads a singalong... AND DAMIAN PRIEST ATTACKS HIM FROM BEHIND! Putting boots to him, Drew turns to look from the ramp and keeps moving even as Priest hits South of Heaven and calls Dominik Mysterio down with a referee and the briefcase! But as Dom is about to run past, Drew stops him, takes the case, and clobbers him with a headbutt before throwing the briefcase into the LED boards and leaving!

Rollins turns the tide and sends Damian packing!

New Day and Ivar are shown backstage getting ready and we go to break.

Ivar vs. Kofi Kingston (Viking Rules Match)

Kingston with a crossbody into mounted punches, low-bridge, off the ropes, big suicide dive connects! Out under the ring for plunder, Kofi grabs a table and leans it against the barricade! Big splash on the apron from Ivar, Kingston manages to throw him to the floor anyway, and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Kofi fighting valiantly, off the top, roll under, he puts Warbeard into a shield! SOS follows... NOPE! Revolution powerslam from Ivar... SO CLOSE! Following it up, powerbomb for two, reverse roundhouse connects and Warbeard goes up top but Kingston wallops him with a shield!

Handful of beard... KOFI SLAMS HIM OFF THE TOP AND THROUGH A TABLE TO THE FLOOR! Valhalla shows up, Xavier ducks her and she goes over the timekeeper’s barricade, Ivar takes him out, Kingston with a crossbody! Back inside, Trouble in Paradise countered... POWERSLAM THROUGH THE TABLE!

Warbeard up top...

Ivar wins by pinfall with a diving moonsault.

Byron Saxton interviews Shinsuke Nakamura backstage, but he’s not very talkative.

Ricochet comes out of nowhere and attacks him, beating him down until security breaks it up!

Raquel Rodriguez makes her entrance to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Damian Priest is having a hissy fit at Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley as to why they weren’t there for him earlier.

Finn tells JD McDonagh off and they explain they were meeting with Adam Pearce to get a rematch for the tag titles. Ripley tells JD to prove himself and take care of Drew McIntyre for them. Damian tells McDonagh he wants him to take care of Drew, but part of him wants to see McIntyre break him in half.

He wishes JD good luck and Finn tells him to beat it.

Nia Jax vs. Raquel Rodriguez

Jax on the attack but Rodriguez weathers the storm, shoulder blocks and punches, scoop but Nia fights out of the slam! To the floor, Jax continues her assault, throwing Raquel into the barricade as we go to break!

Back from commercial, Jax is working her over, Cobra Clutch in the ring, back elbows into short arm lariats, Rodriguez getting a head of steam, lariat and a big boot take Nia off her feet! Fireman’s carry but her back gives out! Jax runs her over, drawing her up, off the ropes, Samoan drop connects!

Rodriguez gets her up for the powerbomb in the aftermath but she can’t capitalize on it! Rhea Ripley runs down and throws Raquel out of the ring...

Nia Jax wins by disqualification, presumably.

Rhea goes to town on Nia, Raquel pulls her off to hammer her with lariats, but Ripley catches her with a ripcord headbutt! Shayna Baszler attacks Nia, Rhea pulls her off, they argue about who gets to attack Jax, Ripley tells her to get out of her ring! Baszler with a German suplex and a flash knee takes Rhea Ripley out!

Drew McIntyre is pacing backstage when Seth Rollins rolls up.

He says he has great news, Adam Pearce made their title match official! But he has one question, what the hell is Drew’s problem? He’s this man of integrity, he ignores the beatdown but attacks once the case is involved? McIntyre says if it’s not his business he doesn’t get involved, and he doesn’t want another Bloodline situation on Raw.

Seth says he appreciates the concern but Drew doesn’t need to worry about Judgment Day because they can’t take the title away from him any more than McIntyre can.

Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso are shown walking backstage to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Shayna Baszler is interviewed backstage.

She doesn’t care who it is, if she’s standing in the ring, she’s the baddest woman in there, and nobody sneak attacks her in her ring and gets away with it.

She walks past Akira Tozawa on her way out, who immediately turns around and goes in the other direction.

Michael Cole introduces Jey Uso and Cody Rhodes, your new WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champions.

He asks them how it feels to be champs, and Jey says he’s turned up and now he’s a two-time champion with the current belts and his partner is Cody Rhodes! Cole asks Cody where this responsibility of defending the tag titles fits in with his original goal of finishing the story.

We’ve all seen the documentary, they’ve had real personal conversations about it, is he content with the tag titles or is he unwilling to take another shot at the world title because he failed the first time and he’s scared of letting people down?

Rhodes says he’s right about one thing, Fastlane was an incredible moment after bringing Jey Uso back, and man he’s just excited to be tag champion. Michael talks up the year he’s had and asks the question again, but before Cody can answer—

Enter Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

Sami talks about the history of the tag titles and how they ended the Usos’ record-setting reign and says it gets complicated and messy because he has mixed emotion. He thinks the world of both of them and thinks they deserve the titles but he can’t help but feel like it should be theme with the titles.

Kevin comes right out and challenges them for the titles, unless Jey is scared of losing the titles to them again? Cody steps up and accepts and says he’ll do them one better and accept the match for tonight.

Alpha Academy are backstage getting Chad Gable ready to win a #1 contender’s match for the Intercontinental Championship by having Otis Dozovic chop him in the chest over and over.

Bronson Reed rolls up and says Chad isn’t getting anywhere near the title as long as he’s around and maybe he should tell his daughter not to watch tonight because it’ll be another heartbreaking loss for her.

Reed leaves and Gable asks Otis to hit him again.

Ricochet makes his entrance but Shinsuke Nakamura attacks and hits a Go 2 Sleep on the stage! He wants Kinshasa to follow it up but referees and road agents rush down to break the fight up as we go to break.

Back from commercial we get a recap of what we just saw, because Raw is three hours long. (Three hours long.)

Bronson Reed vs. Chad Gable vs. Ricochet (WWE Intercontinental Championship #1 Contender’s Match)

Ricochet and Gable working together on Reed but he fights them off and lands an Earthquake Splash on the One and Only! Front chancery on Gable, vertical suplex lift, Ricochet interrupts with a rolling solebutt! Chad and Rick with chops into the corner, putting boots to Bronson, double whip blocked and reversed and both men crash to the floor!

Reed off the apron, Ricochet meets him with a knee and Gable Dragon suplexes him into Bronson as we go to break!

Back from commercial, Gable catches Reed with the cross armbar in the ropes! Sleeper hold follows, Bronson rams him into the corner to break and belly-to-belly suplexes Ricochet into him! Corner body avalanche on both guys, stacking them up on his shoulders... DOUBLE FALLAWAY SLAM CAN’T PUT RICOCHET AWAY!

Rick with a chop, handspring back elbow, springboard crossbody gets caught but he floats over, enzuigiri from the apron! Springboard dropkick connects, the One and Only fired up as Bronson falls to the floor but Gable is in, jackknife pin reversed, thinking Razor’s Edge but Ricochet reverses with a Frankensteiner!

Crossbody sets up the standing shooting star press but Chad kicks out! Reed back in, dropkick and a superkick from Ricochet and Gable hits a German suplex on the big man! Rick with a dive, back up on the apron, shoulder block, springboard crossbody, roll through, Gable has the ankle lock!

Ricochet crawls for the ropes, pulled back in the middle of the ring, he gets out and clobbers Chad with a running knee! Headed up top, Gable meets him... AVALANCHE GERMAN SUPLEX BUT HE LANDS ON HIS FEET! Chad right over, Chaos Theory, Bronson breaks it up and throws Ricochet into Gable and follows it with a senton!

Reed off the top...

Bronson Reed wins by pinfall with the 747 Splash on Ricochet, becoming #1 contender to the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Becky Lynch is interviewed backstage.

Physically she admits she’s not 100% but if you’re a fighting champion you’re never 100% if you’re doing it right.

Xia Li rolls up to ask when her turn is, and Lynch says she’s not hard to find.

Drew McIntyre makes his entrance to send us to break.

Drew McIntyre vs. JD McDonagh

Squaring up, McDonagh confident, circling, collar and elbow, into the corner, JD breaks free with a chop! Turning it around, more chops, McIntyre getting mad, action to the floor for a merry chase! Back inside, duck a lariat, back body drop sends McDonagh flying! Belly to belly suplexes, neckbreaker and a kip-up!

Fired up, counting down but Dominik Mysterio runs interference and JD capitalizes with chop blocks, dragon screw, elbows to the knee as he picks the big Scot apart! Penalty Kick from the apron, Asai moonsault connects, back inside, knee drop off the top to the knee but Drew kicks out!

McDonagh argues with referee Aja Perera while Dominik gets a cheap shot in, Drew fights him off, Future Shock connects but he’s hobbled! In the corner and waiting, counting down...

Drew McIntyre wins by pinfall with Claymore.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial we get a recap of last week’s Intercontinental Championship match between GUNTHER and Tommaso Ciampa and the DIY reunion that ensued.

Toss to a sitdown interview Wade Barrett conducted with Ciampa and Johnny Gargano last week.

They talk about how this is seven years in the making and their history is like no other but now they look to what’s next and how far they can take this thing. The continue talking but Imperium attack and beat them down in the locker room!

A Tegan Nox video package follows.

Tegan is interviewed backstage and she says this isn’t just a title match, it’s to show the world what she’s made of. Natalya rolls up to wish her luck.

Nox makes her entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial we get a media hype reel for Fastlane.

Ricochet is walking backstage looking for Shinsuke Nakamura and yelling when Adam Pearce rolls up.

He says he had Nakamura escorted out of the building and next week they’re gonna have a Falls Count Anywhere match. Ricochet is pleased and leaves.

Becky Lynch (c) vs. Tegan Nox (NXT Women’s Championship)

Circling, collar and elbow, Lynch looking for Dis-Arm-Her, blocked, Nox tries to launch a kick but Becky gets away! Matrix Evasion on a pin, O’Connor roll, reversed, leg pick, turned around into a backslide, no deal! Lynch with a small package, reversal, no pin! Manhandle Slam blocked, Becky getting frustrated.

Go-behind, headlock takeover, reversed, off the ropes, shoulder block and Tegan is feeling it! Off the ropes, blocked hip tosses, Oklahoma roll from the champ reversed into a crucifix, no pin! La Casita, reversed, still no pin! Off the ropes, trading arm drags, stalemate!

Into the corner, taking it to Nox, smashing her face into the turnbuckles, whip reversed, sidestep, block the kick, big front kick from Tegan! Returning the favor with the turnbuckle smashes, charging uppercuts, snapmare and a low corkscrew uppercut to the back of the neck makes for another nearfall!

Putting Tegan on the apron, uppercut and a solebutt, up top, Nox has the guillotine leg drop scouted and hangs Becky’s neck over the ropes! Up top, Lynch cuts her off and kicks her to the floor! Off the ropes, baseball slide connects but Tegan sidesteps a diving forearm! Cannonball off the apron connects and Nox is fired up!

Back inside, cover for two as we go to break!

Back from commercial, Lynch off the ropes, duck an elbow, flying forearm connects! Corner elbow sets up an exploder suplex, cover for two! Nox off the top with a crossbody... NOPE! Cross armbar from the champion, Tegan keeps her arms clasped, Becky stands up and Nox puts her head-first into the turnbuckles!

Big senton, sent to the apron, a kick connects, Tegan up top, Lynch clobbers her with a forearm! Front chancery, jockeying for position, Nox slips under her and trips her up! Tree of Woe, cannonball connects! Cross armbar applied, Becky fights out and into a pin, only two!

Manhandle blocked, to the apron, kick combo staggers Tegan, Lynch off the top with a missile dropkick but she doesn’t get all of it and it’s only a nearfall! Snap fallaway slam into the bridge... STILL NO! Back and forth, crucifix pin, Becky kicks out! Looking for Dis-Arm-Her, reversed to a pin, reversed back...

Becky Lynch wins by submission with Dis-Arm-Her, retaining the NXT Women’s Championship.

Post-match, Becky shakes Tegan’s hand.

Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell are backstage chatting with Adam Pearce about DIY’s medical status.

Johnny Gargano is just a little banged up, but Tommaso Ciampa’s more touch-and-go.

Rhea Ripley rolls up and demands Pearce help her get her division in order and make an example of Shayna Baszler in a match next week.

She leaves before he can answer and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Natalya comes over to Tegan Nox to tell her what a great job she did and not to beat herself up.

Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter roll up and join Nattie when Chelsea Green and Piper Niven appear to talk trash.

Green tells Nattie never to interfere again or else, but when pressed on what “or else” could mean, Piper has to step up and say she’ll have to deal with her. Neidhart rises to the challenge and Niven says she’ll see her next week.

Commentary hypes up next week’s show.

Jey Uso is warming up backstage when Drew McIntyre rolls up.

He says when Uso shows his true colors he’ll be ready to drop his ass, and Jey says he’s got five minutes for him right now. Sami Zayn appears to mediate and Drew backs down. Uso says he appreciates him always having his back, but tonight it’s go time. Sami says he doesn’t have to tell him twice.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn make their entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get a Ludwig Kaiser video package about how he’s living art and European elegance.

Cody Rhodes & Jey Uso (c) vs. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn (WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championship)

Rhodes and Zayn to start, circling, collar and elbow, struggling around the ring, trading chops in the corner, getting heated, a shoving match breaks out, all four men in the ring, referee Chad Patton trying to restore order and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Zayn with an overhead elbow, Rhodes gets him in the corner and makes the tag! Jey and Sami circling, off the ropes, drop down, leapfrog, big right hand! Chops, whip across, big right hand from Uso! Tag to Owens, collar and elbow, backing Jey into the corner, he turns it around, dirty break with a shove from KO!

Trading punches with increasing speed and intensity, double leg takes things to the floor, brawling against the announce desk and Cody and Sami get into it trying to pull their partners apart! Owens fights Uso onto the desk, Patton trying to restore order, KO breaks the count!

Back outside, over the announce desk and trading punches, Sami and Cody still going at it as we go to break!

Back from commercial, Owens grinding Uso down with a rear chinlock. He goes up top, Jey meets him with an enzuigiri, jockeying for position, KO knocks him down, senton atomico... SO CLOSE! Trading punches, trading superkicks, big lariat from Kev and both men are down!

Back on his feet, Jey with a superkick, tag to Cody! Rhodes in hot on Sami with right hands, whip across, elbow, up and over, snap scoop powerslam! Fired up, Cody Cutter connects... STILL NO! Back and forth, Blue Thunder Driver out of countering Cross Rhodes... NOT ENOUGH!

Corner exploder suplex, Sami feeling it, waiting for him to get back up, sidestep... CROSS RHODES CONNECTS BUT OWENS BREAKS IT UP! Trading punches from their knees and to their feet, Cody looking for a Pedigree but it’s reversed into a back body drop! Sami crawling for the corner and tags are made!

KO blocks a superkick, Uso blocks a Stunner, trading superkicks, Owens down, cover... ONLY TWO! Stunner connects... CODY BREAKS IT UP! Outside, Kev puts him back in, senton atomico... THE KNEES ARE UP! Superkick follows, one for Sami too, Rhodes takes Zayn out with Cross Rhodes, Superkick Party on KO!

The flapjack / Cody Cutter combo connects...

Cody Rhodes & Jey Uso win by pinfall with a flapjack / Cody Cutter combination on Kevin Owens, retaining the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championship.

Post-match, Sami shakes Cody and Jey’s hands, Kevin returns to shake Cody’s hand and hesitates a beat before shaking Jey’s hand and raising his arm.

That’s the show, folks.

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