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Corey Graves wants you to know he was not talking about CM Punk

There have been rumors making the rounds recently that WWE has gone the white rabbit style route of dropping subtle hints on television for the possible return of CM Punk. The last word is the two sides are in talks and the man himself intends on coming back.

Fans noticed a bit from the end of Fastlane last night in Indianapolis that made it sound like Corey Graves was making a deep reference to him that only some on social media would be aware of:

This morning, Graves, apparently fed up with as much, decided to debunk this:

Of course, even if he was making a reference to Punk and playing along with the subtle hints, if said hints are even happening, he wouldn’t cop to it. But there definitely have been quite a few stretches being made to connect some dots that may not even be there.

Then again, that’s part of the fun of this whole pro wrestling industry. Everyone is lying all the time and everyone else is fine with playing along anyway.

No reason we can’t all have some fun with it, right?

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