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Triple H had high praise for Bayley after Fastlane

Iyo Sky successfully retained her women’s championship in her triple threat match opposite Charlotte Flair and Asuka at Fastlane last night (Oct. 7, 2023) in Indianapolis. She did so after a big assist from Bayley, and it seems all is right with Damage CTRL once more.

While running down the match after the show, and giving credit where it’s due to the women involved, Triple H had glowing praise for Bayley. From the post-show press conference:

“To me, the all star, the unsung all star of that women’s division, Bayley just continues to prove why she is one of the most valuable players, an MVP of that division, like nobody else. I don’t know that she’s always given credit for that but she absolutely should be.”

Bayley has assumed the role of helping get multiple other stars over, like Sky, who is, as mentioned, the champion of the SmackDown women’s division, and Dakota Kai. But even while doing that, she’s been her usual entertaining self, doing everything asked of her.

It can only mean good things for her future that the guy in charge of creative thinks so highly of her.

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