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WWE loads up for the season premiere of SmackDown next week

While we’ve been fairly caught up in just how much WWE is loading up the card for NXT TV next week in its one-night ratings battle with AEW, there’s reason to look ahead to next Friday night as well.

That’s because WWE is loading up for the season premiere of Friday Night SmackDown with what should be a pretty big show.

Here’s what they announced for it so far:

  • Triple H will make his return to television, though they didn’t reveal exactly why he would. The fact that he’ll appear at all is enough, yeah?
  • Current WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns will also be making his return to television to start the road to whatever he’ll be doing at the upcoming Crown Jewel event next month in Saudi Arabia. Who knows what he’ll be coming back to, what with the fallout from Fastlane.
  • Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Pretty Deadly will make their return to action now that Elton Prince is healed up from his injury.

What a night they have planned already. And that’s without even knowing what LA Knight or John Cena may be doing!

Anyway, here are all the videos from this week’s show:

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