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WWE SmackDown preview (Oct. 6, 2023): LA Knight takes his rightful place at the top of the card

SmackDown airs tonight (Oct. 6) with a live show from Enterprise Center in St. Louis, Missouri. This is the final episode of SmackDown during the five week build towards Fastlane, which takes place tomorrow night (Oct. 7).

LA Knight takes his rightful place at the top of the card

John Cena doesn’t have many friends on the SmackDown roster, and it resulted in him taking a two-on-one beatdown at the hands of The Bloodline two weeks ago. It looked like more of the same was about to happen last week until LA Knight’s music hit. The crowd popped for the megastar’s entrance, and he ran down to the ring and saved John’s ass.

Knight then signed the contract for Fastlane, where he’s now officially teaming up with Cena to fight Solo Sikoa and Jim Uso. Just like that, LA Knight took his rightful place at the top of the card in what is expected to be the headlining match tomorrow night on Peacock.

Before we get there, though, Knight will have to cut a promo tonight to explain his actions. Will he reveal that this is just the first step of his ultimate plan to take out Roman Reigns? That has to be where this is headed, right? Why else would LA decide to get involved in The Bloodline’s business?

The title scene

United States Champion Rey Mysterio goes one-on-one with Bobby Lashley tonight in what appears to be a non-title match. This is Bob’s first match in over three months, so he might be a little rusty in there. Will this match eventually devolve into a giant brawl between the LWO and the Suit Profits?

WWE Women’s Champion IYO SKY teams up with Bayley tonight for a tag team match against Asuka and Charlotte Flair. Bayley is the only woman here who isn’t competing for the gold at Fastlane, so it might be her job to take the fall again.

WWE Tag Team Champions Damian Priest and Finn Balor will appear on SmackDown tonight, along with their Fastlane challengers Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso. Will The Judgment Day try to convince The Bloodline to help them take out Rhodes and Uso? How are Jimmy and Jey getting along these days?

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns is a part-timer who has nothing to do with Fastlane and isn’t expected to return to TV until next week.

Other stuff to keep an eye on

- Dragon Lee is scheduled for a singles match against Austin Theory tonight. Will the LWO watch Dragon’s back to prevent Grayson Waller or the Suit Profits from affecting the outcome of the match?

- How is AJ Styles doing after Solo Sikoa and Jim Uso sent him off in an ambulance two weeks ago? Will he finally listen to Karl Anderson’s advice and stay out of The Bloodline’s business?

- Elton Prince has miraculously recovered from his devastating shoulder injury! With that chapter over with, will Pretty Deadly go right back to pissing off the Brawling Brutes?

- Cameron Grimes returned to TV last week and did the job for Theory in about three minutes. Who will he be putting over tonight?

- What’s going through the mind of Santos Escobar after he lost to Rey Mysterio last week?

- How much longer do we have to wait until a wrestler from Raw is officially moved over to SmackDown as trade compensation for Jey Uso?

What will you be looking for on SmackDown?

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