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Hulk Hogan says the script for his Netflix biopic was just as good as The Godfather

It was back in 2019 when we first heard about Chris Hemsworth being slated to star in a Hulk Hogan biopic for Netflix. However, there has been increasing skepticism over the last year regarding the project actually happening.

During a new interview with Chris Van Vliet, Hogan officially confirmed that he has moved on from the original idea. He did this in the typical ridiculous Hulk Hogan fashion by comparing the script of the movie to The Godfather:

“It was a situation where, business-wise, Netflix kind of like missed the date, as far as a business situation. And so I had the choice at that time to switch gears.

Scott Silver wrote the script. You know, he wrote The Joker, and did a bunch of different movies. And of course, Todd Phillips has done The Joker, Wolf of Wall Street and you know, whatever, all the crazy stuff that he did...

But yeah, the script came back, and it was amazing. I mean, ‘cause my favorite movies were like Scarface, The Godfather, True Romance. It was there, it was there. And I just went, whoa!

But all of a sudden there was a business glitch, and then they tried to fix it a few days later. And I’d already decided to move on. So, my life rights and stuff are somewhere else now. And there’s a lot of things that are getting ready to happen. And hopefully, Todd Phillips and Chris Hemsworth will still want to play. But there’s still a huge opportunity there.”

Damn, can you believe that a friggin’ “business glitch” cost us a movie with such a legendary script? It’s almost as frustrating as missing out on what Metallica’s true greatness could have been if Hogan played bass for the band.

Are you disappointed to hear that Hogan’s biopic on Netflix is no longer happening, Cagesiders?

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