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Bobby Lashley pitches Jade Cargill as the ‘female component’ of his new group with Street Profits

ESPN’s YouTube

It’s getting to be Survivor Series season, and WWE is clearly getting things lined up for some faction warfare.

More & more, the stables we’re seeing are of the intergender variety. Rhea Ripley has been established as the leader of The Judgment Day. Mia “Michin” Yim gets as much screen time as anyone else in The OC.

Bobby Lashley, who’s in the process of putting together a squad with Street Profits on SmackDown, seems to have noticed this. And while talking to 100.7 The Bay to promote WWE’s stop in Baltimore on Dec. 26, Lashley was asked about Jade Cargill joining the company from AEW.

The two-time WWE champ reinforced the narrative the move is a step up for Cargill, then floated the idea of her joining up with him, Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins...

“It’s a big signing for WWE, because she made a huge splash in wrestling years back with AEW. Her coming over just shows the levels. She wanted to get there, that was the next level for her — which is a great deal. Her coming over, there are only a few places that I would put her.

“I know there is a group putting themselves together right now, and if that group had a female component to it I think that group would be even stronger. So I might have to give her a call and see what her plans are, but I think she does fit really well with our group if that was an opportunity. Wherever she goes, I know she’s going to be a big star like she’s always been.”

Obviously, even a two-time WWE champ like our guy Bob doesn’t get to make this call. And if the Suit Profits are going to add a woman, Tez would probably have a different choice.

But it’s an intriguing thought as Cargill continues to plant teases while rumors* indicate we’re getting closer to her debut.

* Some of which put her on a different brand from Lashley, et al. But we’re not gonna let that ruin our fantasy booking fun — especially given how fast & loose WWE is playing the roster split these days.

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