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Shane McMahon is ‘crushing rehab’ for his torn quad, according to son Declan

Shane McMahon’s return to WWE at WrestleMania 39 did not go well. Instead of a crowd-pleasing victory over The Miz, Shane O’Mac tore his quad muscle and had to be helped to the back as Snoop Dogg popped the crowd with his best attempt at a People’s Elbow (to be fair, it was MUCH better than his Frog Splash).

Other than some video of McMahon in the gym just weeks after surgery, we haven’t heard much about his recovery. An update from his son Declan (who we have heard quite a bit about recently) on how his dad is doing matches up with what we saw in the workout clip Shane shared.

Here’s what Declan McMahon told the Developmentally Speaking podcast (transcription via Wrestling Observer):

“His rehab’s going very, very well. He’s gotten back to like jogging. He’s squatting. He’s starting to work out again. It’s getting kind of difficult for him to [unable to make out word] side to side, but his rehab is going really, really well. He’s making phenomenal progress. The doctor said all the time that he’s healing quicker than they thought and, you know, when he tore it, he completely tore his quad tendon. So that’s a very long, hard recovery, but he’s been crushing rehab. He’s been doing his thing. He’ll hopefully get back soon.

“Obviously you want to see your dad be able to do what they love, right? My dad loves wrestling second to none. He truly cares for the business. But not only for the business, he truly wants to just put on a show for the fans. Because the fans show him so much love and it’s so rewarding for a lot of those guys to just give to those fans who came to see them. So hopefully he comes back better than ever. And I think, you know, his rehab is going great.”

Sounds like “The Money” could be return to WWE in the not too distant future. Do you think he will? Are you interested if he does?

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