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Natalya hits Matt Cardona with a low blow ahead of Raw match with his wife

With Tegan Nox sidelined by an undisclosed injury and a catatonic Nikki Cross as her replacement, Natalya’s match against WWE Women’s Tag Team champions Chelsea Green & Piper Niven on last week’s Raw didn’t go terribly well.

It did provide a reason for Adam Pearce to book a Trick or Street Fight follow-up between Nattie and Green for Raw tonight (Oct. 30), though. Chelsea and Natalya... or I guess we should say Nat’s “assistant”... have been building to that on X/Twitter since it was announced:

Natalya took the reins of her account to inform the former Hot Mess (that pic is from Green’s highly entertaining run as jilted bride Laurel Van Ness from her TNA/Impact days) that “Bob” would not be deleting that post. Which seems to have encouraged “him” to get a little more ruthless, digging up this old photo of a backstage scene between Nattie and Chelsea’s husband Matt Cardona from his days on SmackDown as Zack Ryder:

The holder of the Long Island Iced Z’s junk multiple Guinness World’s Records did chastise her “assistant” for that post, but not for the same reason people are replying to it with this meme.

“Ok, Bob. This is a bit much and a little uncalled for. I’m not sure how many times I need to brief you on this. We should be focusing on my amount of record breaking wins, not discussing any of my losses. EVER!!!!!”

For her part, Green threatened legal action. And promised to get revenge via a photoshopped parody movie poster:

Gotta love it when a Raw feud gets raw.

UPDATE: Cardona’s has weighed in. In addition to his own reaction meme of choice, The Indy God had a clever comeback (including by opening with what we’re choosing to believe is a sneaky counter to “Bob”’s adjective choice)...

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