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Undertaker thinks Vince McMahon & Dana White working together is ‘hilarious’

Last week, Dana White reminded us of some old stories when he talked about being on the same team with his old business rival Vince McMahon now that White’s UFC and McMahon’s WWE are under the same corporate umbrella in the Endeavor-owned TKO Group.

While attending the Tyson Fury/Francis Ngannou fight in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Saturday (Oct. 28), McMahon and his friend Mark “Undertaker” Calaway were asked about Dana’s remarks — and Vince’s relationship with his fellow sports entertainment frontman.

Vince seemed to deny “f***ing with” the UFC President over the years, before offering a caveat:

“Please, I don’t do business that way. I don’t bust anybody’s chops — unless they get in the way. Dana & I get along very, very well. He’s really a good guy... we’re good partners, and good businessmen. If you’re good businessmen, you get along.”

The former WWE and current TKO Executive Chairman side-stepped an interjection about he & White both being “alpha males”, but Taker seemed to give that theory some credence with an eyebrow raise. When he was asked directly what he thought of the Vince/Dana relationship, Calaway said:

“I think it’s hilarious. They’re so similar the both of them... they’re very similar, they say what’s on their minds, and they’re both really good businessmen, and they both definitely want what’s best for each of their brands.”

Vince cut in to say he’s better businessman, and long-time company guy Taker responded, “Oh, by far, no doubt.”

Other McMahon items of note from taking in Ngannou’s near-upset of the undefeated Fury included video confirmation he’s using a cane to get around after his back surgery earlier this year...

... and that he was seated ringside with Iron Mike & Slim Shady...

What a world.

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