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WWE NXT results, live blog (Oct. 3, 2023): No Mercy fallout

Here's a place to check the results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live on Tuesday night at 8 pm Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Advertised for tonight’s show from the WWE Performance Center: Rhea Ripley booked a rematch of the North American championship match from last weekend’s No Mercy premium live event, and Dirty Dom Mysterio will try to make Mami happy by reclaiming the belt from Trick Williams.

Tonight’s card also features the start of the Women’s Breakout Tournament, Gallus taking on Butch & Tyler Bate, and Gigi Dolin looking for revenge against Blair Davenport. Women’s titleholder Becky Lynch says she’ll be here scouting for future challengers, and we should see or hear from new NXT champion Ilja Dragunov, former champ Carmelo Hayes, and other stars from No Mercy.

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. A running record of everything that happens will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


The language of the frost lobs dead balloons over ruins today in view of wan wordless crowds that chase waifs to spires with fiery plume, but me? I’m just here to liveblog this pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with a recap of No Mercy from Saturday.

Becky Lynch makes her entrance and gets on the mic.

She greets the crowd and says she’s still NXT Women’s Champion but also she’s not medically cleared to compete, but neither is Tiffany Stratton, because they beat the piss out of each other. She wants to give everything she has every time out and she expects the same of her opponents and Tiffany lived up to that.

She said when she won the title she wanted to elevate it to heights unseen and defend it everywhere she goes, and she sees the next big-ticket item is night one of Halloween Havoc, and she has a roadblock in front of her in the form of Tegan Nox, but she’s wondering—

Etner Lyra Valkyria.

She doesn’t mean to cut Becky off, but June 26, 2014, the day of her debut, was the first episode of NXT she ever saw, and she started training that very week. She asks Becky if she really knows what she’s done for Irish wrestling, and she remembers doing a show in front of 2000 people at the national stadium and heard the roar when Becky’s face came up on screen and that meant a lot to her.

She’s been able to push a bit harder and go that extra mile because Lynch was making impossible things happen. And all these years later, her career stood full circle tagging in the main event of NXT with her, but as good as standing side-by-side felt, she’s been wondering how it’d feel to be face-to-face.

Becky says she thinks Lyra is ready—

Enter Indi Hartwell.

She talks about having never lost the title and if Big Time Bex wants to go between Mondays and Tuesdays, then so can she. She talks up her history on NXT and says she’s back for the title she never lost.

Enter Roxanne Perez.

She says Becky truly is the Man and deserves to be, leaving NXT and becoming everything they said she couldn’t, so she’s not gonna talk accolades and accomplishments, she just wants to tell Becky she respects her so much she has to look her dead in the face and say she wants her title back and she’ll take it at Halloween Havoc.

Lynch says these are all excellent points, but she wants less talking and more fighting, and she books a three-way #1 contender’s match tonight to determine who faces her at Halloween Havoc.

We get an NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament video package.

Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne make their entrance to send us to break.

British Strong Style (Pete “BUTCH” Dunne & Tyler Bate) vs. Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang)

Dunne and Coffey to start, Pete gets the better of him, goes to the apron, gets distracted by Joe Coffey and Wolfgang lands a cheap shot! Quick tags, working BUTCH over, but he gets Wolfgang’s arm trapped and stomps the bicep! Tag to Bate, double arm wringer into double bicep stomps!

Bate and Dunne running hot as we go to break!

Back from commercial, Bate punching away on Mark, drop toehold puts him into the ropes, tag to Wolfgang and a cheap shot by Joe Coffey at ringside gets two! Dunne in, knee to the arm, Shining Wizard, Beats of the Bodhran! A plancha takes Joe out! Back inside, Mark sidesteps, big leg lariat connects, cover for two!

To the floor, BUTCH with an Orihara moonsault for Wolfgang, Coffey shrugs off the Tyler Driver but eats the rebound lariat! Tag made, Tyler dives on Wolfgang, Pete goes to work with stomps and kicks, tag back to Bate...

British Strong Style win by pinfall with a double Tyler Driver ‘97 on Mark Coffey.

Post-match, Joe Coffey and Wolfgang rush into the ring to beat Tyler and Pete down! Ridge Holland makes the save!

We see Lyra Valkyria doing pushups backstage.

A clean-shaven Ilja Dragunov walks backstage with the title over his shoulder and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we see Roxanne Perez working out backstage.

Ilja Dragunov makes his entrance and gets on the mic.

He says tonight you can welcome him as the Mad Dragon, as the Czar, as Unbesiegbar, but especially as your new NXT Champion. At No Mercy, Carmelo Hayes brought the fight, and what a fight it was, and he pushed Ilja beyond his limits again and again. Today he can barely even stand, but he stands.

Even in pain, he stands as our champion, because he promised he’d fulfill his destiny.

Enter Trick Williams.

He wants to get straight to business and congratulates Ilja on his victory, but he’s not out there because of that, he’s out here because he won his championship. Dragunov tells him he’s proud of him and they slap hands.

Enter Carmelo Hayes, limping and wincing.

He’s confused about Trick Williams out here hanging out with Ilja Dragunov, and says he appreciates the kind words but he wants to know why Trick is thanking Dragunov when he’s been here saying he believes in him this whole time and HE’S proud of him. They came up together, and winning the title is amazing, but defending it is a completely different level.

Williams asks if he means he’s not ready for Dom, Melo says that’s not what he means, Ilja interrupts before deciding it’s none of Hayes’ business because this is a conversation for champions.

Enter Dominik Mysterio.

Trick says he saw Raw last night and asks if Dom always takes orders from his Mami, and Mysterio insists he’s all man. Trick says he’s always talking about what Mami says, well mama says Trick’s gonna whoop that ass tonight! Dominik says he promised he was gonna bring the gold back to Judgment Day, and Hayes says it ain’t happening.

Melo warns Trick that Judgment Day don’t roll alone and he’s got his back, just like old times. Dominik taunts him about being in Melo’s shadow, Williams says he got this title by himself and he’ll defend it by himself.

Indi Hartwell makes her entrance to send us to break.

Indi Hartwell vs. Lyra Valkyria vs. Roxanne Perez (NXT Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Match)

Becky Lynch is on commentary for this one.

Perez and Valkyria quickly form an alliance of convenience and suplex Hartwell out of the ring! Collar and elbow, Lyra working a cravate, Roxanne with La Casita rolled into a European Clutch for two! Side headlock, shot off, shoulder block, drop down, leapfrog, Indi back in, hip toss and body slams!

Dumping Roxanne to the apron, big uppercut sets up a boot, Valkyria grabs Hartwell and gets set up in the ropes for the same deal, cover for two! Perez with a satellite headscissors to send Indi to the floor, off the ropes, Valkyria meets her with a kick! Off the ropes, wrecking ball dropkick connects, but Hartwell blocks the second and action goes to the floor!

Strikes from Lyra, Roxanne dives on her! Indi with a big boot, standing tall as we go to break.

Back from commercial, Hartwell and Valkyria trading, Perez back in cleaning house! Nearfall, back and forth, Lyra laying kicks in on both other women, combinations, Perez blocks a kick and throws it into Indi! Enzuigiris for Hartwell and Perez, bridging northern lights... ROXANNE KICKS OUT!

Indi tries to steal a pin, Perez kicks out again, Lyra with windmill strikes, Roxanne gets Pop Rox but Kiana James pulls her out of the pin! BECKY GETS UP FROM COMMENTARY AND KICKS JAMES TO THE FLOOR! Lyra off the top...

Lyra Valkyria wins by pinfall with a diving splash on Indi Hartwell, becoming #1 contender to the NXT Women’s Championship.

Post-match, Becky gets in the ring to congratulate Lyra.

Tegan Nox appears to remind Lynch that she’s got her to deal with first.

Bron Breakker runs into Carmelo Hayes backstage.

He says he can tell the frustration and rage is getting to Melo and tells him to use his frustration and rage and take it out on everyone, especially Trick Williams. Hayes won’t hear about it but Breakker pushes it and Carmelo is thoughtful.

Back from commercial, Baron Corbin rolls up on Ilja Dragunov.

He reminds him that outside of Melo, he’s the only person that’s beaten Dragunov this year and stakes his claim to the title.

Blair Davenport vs. Gigi Dolin

Dolin attacks Davenport during her intro and beats her down before the bell!

In the ring, we get a bell, the attack continues, Blair pops up top and hits a double stomp to the back! Knees to the spine, Gigi sidesteps a senton and lands one big forearm! Trading forearms, Dolin with a dragon screw, Blair grabs a chair but Gigi sidesteps the shot and the action returns to the ring!

Dolin grabs the chair, referee warns her off, she drops it, Davenport grabs it, Gigi gets under her...

Gigi Dolin wins by pinfall with a schoolboy pin.

Post-match, Davenport throttles the referee and screams that this isn’t over.

We get a recap of last year’s NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament.

Kiana James is interviewed backstage about how she needs the entire world to see that she’s better than Roxanne Perez, and says she’s set up a match for Perez against Asuka next week, and if she gets through it, she can have a match against her.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, the field for the NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament are on the stage and all get introductions— Lola Vice, Dani Palmer, Arianna Grace, Jaida Parker, Jakara Jackson, Karmen Petrovic, Kelani Jordan, and Izzi Dame.

Izzi Dame vs. Kelani Jordan (NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament First Round Match)

Dame with a wristlock, wrenching it in, Jordan with an Arabian press to reverse it! Dame sets her up on the second rope and shocks her off of it, nearfall, smashing her face into the mat, Kelani ducks a lariat, big crossbody caught into a bodyslam! Izzi with a corner body avalanche, shoulder blocks, Izzi with a big backbreaker!

Stomps, elbows, seated senton to the back, Canadian backbreaker rack applied but Jordan won’t give up! Kelani breaks her grip and sits up, sunset flip, only two! Sidestep a kick, drop toehold, big arm drag, dropkick connects! Another dropkick, diving crossbody... NOT ENOUGH!

Back and forth in the corner, double jump...

Kelani Jordan wins by pinfall with a split-legged moonsault.

We get a roundup of social media comments setting up our upcoming tag team match.

Duke Hudson and Andre Chase are walking and talking when they run into Thea Hail and Jacy Jayne.

They want to support Hail at ringside, Jacy makes a snide comment about it being like a chaperone, Thea tries to say no, Jayne turns around and says it’s actually a pretty good idea and leads a Chase U cheer and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get another channel-changing vignette.

Elektra Lopez & Lola Vice vs. Jacy Jayne & Thea Hail

Hail and Lopez to start, off the ropes, big bulldog into a side headlock, reversed to a headscissors, Thea follows it with an arm drag and Lopez slams her! Big overhand strikes, elbow drop, quick tag. Vice with kicks, axe kick, reverse chinlock applied, Hail fights out, blocks a kick, dragon screw connects!

Path is clear, Lola with a cheap shot, Jayne tries to run in and just gets Hail beaten up in the corner while the referee is distracted! Thea gets away, crawling for the tag, and she gets it! Jacy in hot with clotheslines, solebutt, backsplash, off the ropes, jumping neckbreaker... NOPE!

Back to Hail, double wristlock applied...

Jacy Jayne & Thea Hail win by submission with the double wristlock from Hail on Elektra Lopez.

Carmelo Hayes is interviewed leaving the building and says he’s got a match against Bron Breakker next week and shares some words of wisdom he got from John Cena, who will be in his corner for that match.

Dominik Mysterio makes his entrance, flanked by an unhappy Rhea Ripley, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we’re informed that Cody Rhodes will also be in attendance next week for a major announcement.

Dominik Mysterio vs. Trick Williams (c) (NXT North American Championship)

Mysterio trying for a hot start but Williams won’t crumble, off the ropes, pop-up haymaker connects and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Trick has a side headlock locked on, Mysterio fights out, hard whip, another one, slingshot senton atomico, only a nearfall! Three Amigos, jumping neckbreaker, both men down! Williams with a big boot, Dom with a superkick, crossbody caught and reversed into a revolution bodyslam!

Trick putting boots to him, drawing him up, big Rock Bottom... SO CLOSE! Rhea Ripley slides the title in, Dom DDTs Williams onto the belt, cover... NOPE! Small package, only a nearfall, catapult, Trick is in the ropes... 619! Mysterio up top, frog splash... THE KNEES ARE UP!

Williams charges in, jumping knee, JD McDonagh runs in, knee for him too! Damian Priest slides the briefcase in, referee DA Brewer takes it, Finn Balor hits Trick with one of the tag titles, off the top...

Dominik Mysterio wins by pinfall with a Shadows Over Hell frog splash, becoming your new NXT North American Championship.

Post-match, Judgment Day celebrate together.

Paul Heyman cuts a promo.

He talks about Hayes/Breakker next week and says since Cena keeps getting in Bloodline business, Roman Reigns has bestowed upon him the task and privilege of providing wisdom to Bron Breakker.

Not through a television screen, not over the telephone, up close and in person in Bron Breakker’s corner next week.

That’s the show, folks.

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