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Kevin Owens plans on punching Austin Theory in the face some more

Plus, Damage CTRL reacts to Bianca Belair challenging for the Women’s title at Crown Jewel.


Kevin Owens was in a jovial mood following SmackDown, where, with one fist and one punch, he drilled Austin Theory and Grayson Waller in their faces simultaneously.

During the SmackDown Lowdown, Owens took time to admire his handy work and perhaps conceived his next piece of merchandise, saying:

“I got both of them at the same time, right? Yeah, one punch, one fist. What did I say? It sounded so smart when I said it on TV. One fist, one punch, two faces. Doesn’t that sound like a t-shirt in the making?, it’s coming. Maybe not, we’ll see.”

Owens faces Theory next week on SmackDown, and he predicts that he will punch the former U.S. Champion a couple of more times in the face before concluding the beating with a Stunner.

Switching over to the women’s division, Bianca Belair put Damage CTRL on notice Friday night (Oct. 27) as she threatened to get revenge on the trio for costing her two months of her career. She’ll get her chance at Crown Jewel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, when she challenges Iyo Sky for the Women’s Championship. But before that, she has a date next Friday night on SmackDown when she gets in the ring with Bayley.

Iyo Sky responded by saying she’s 100% certain that she will defeat Belair once again to retain her title. As for Bayley, she was dismissive of the EST, saying she’s preparing for Belair the same way she prepares for breakfast, adding:

“I know Bianca better than anybody. I had Bianca’s first matches here on Raw and SmackDown. I had Bianca in a Hell in a Cell. We did a Last Woman Standing; we did a freakin’ obstacle course around the ring where she put Otis on her back. Whatever. Who cares? I beat her up with a basketball afterward, okay. What I’m saying is, I got Bianca’s number.”

Finally, Shotzi was basking in her victory over one-half of the Women’s Tag Team Champions, Chelsea Green, when Green and her championship partner, Piper Niven, challenged Shotzi to a tag team match. The champs are counting on Shotzi to show up alone because, according to them, Shotzi has no friends.

Considering how Green and Niven recently ran down Natalya in the ring and on the mic, they best prepare for Shotzi having some backup.

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