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Sounds like Becky Lynch is done in NXT

Becky Lynch’s Instagram

After she dropped the NXT Women’s title to Lyra Valkyria this past Tuesday (Oct. 24), most of us figured Becky Lynch’s time on WWE’s third brand was finished. Valkyria won clean, and The Man put her fellow Irishwoman over both on screen and online.

In her approximately six week run in NXT, Becky accomplished a lot. She completed her championship Grand Slam by beating Tiffany Stratton for the belt, popped some ratings, and put a bigger spotlight on the next generation (including Stratton). It seemed logical that, like her fellow Horsewoman Charlotte Flair did after her 2020 NXT Women’s title run, Lynch would put the WWE Performance Center in her rearview and get back to main roster business.

Based on an Instagram from yesterday (Oct. 27) reflecting on her run and again praising the new champion, our assumptions seem accurate:

The NbeXT era has come to an end. I am immensely proud of my run as NXT womens champion. From getting to step in the ring with some of the finest up and comers to open challenges on Raw and being a catalyst for highlighting the wealth of hungry talent we have on our roster. @real_valkyria is the real deal and will be a star for years to come. The future is in good hands.

If Becky is done in NXT (at least for now — it’s a “never say never” business, after all), it seems like she accomplished what she set out to do.

How do you grade Lynch’s time in NXT?

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