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Raquel Rodriguez discusses Jade Cargill and the female hosses of WWE

WWE is enjoying a women’s wrestling renaissance that the company has never seen before. Its main roster is stacked with former world champions and future Hall of Famers, while its developmental brand, NXT, is building up the next generation of female performers at a stunning rate. NXT is also coming off of an entertaining Halloween Havoc special, where five of the seven matches presented were all-female encounters.

None of this is lost on Raquel Rodriguez, who spoke to Joey Hayden of The Dallas Morning News about the state of WWE’s women’s division. Included in her conversation was a mention of the company’s recent free agent acquisition, Jade Cargill, who has been appearing on each of WWE’s programs either as a special guest or introducing herself to the promotion’s top stars. Of Cargill, Rodriguez said:

“We have one of the most competitive and badass women’s divisions in the entire world when it comes to wrestling. The representation of strong, powerful, beautiful women is just really, really powerful right now in the WWE and across the globe. So, adding Jade to that – and of course, you know, on the blue side, we also have Bianca, we have Bayley, we have Charlotte, I mean, the list goes on and on of strong, beautiful women, and adding Jade just kind of gives it a little bit more of a perch. We just have a whole roster full of powerhouse women, and I’m excited to see what we do.”

Indeed, there are several women on WWE’s roster who fit the description of a powerhouse, most of whom Rodriguez will share the ring with on Nov. 4 at Crown Jewel. There, Rodriguez will be involved in a Fatal-5-Way match for the Women’s World title against the champion Rhea Ripley, Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, and Zoey Stark, which she expects will be a difficult challenge.

“...we’re putting five women who are, in a sense, powerhouses – we’re big, we’re strong, we’re usually ground-based wrestlers. But you know, now we’re gonna have to kind of dig deep and find different alternatives to take each other out to win this Fatal 5-Way because it’s just going to be brutal, for lack of a better word.”

Brutal is perhaps the right word for it as five of WWE’s biggest and baddest come together for what may be the lady hoss fight of the year at Crown Jewel. As the great “Mean” Gene Okerlund might say, batten down the hatches, Cagesiders, because this one could be a donnybrook.

Check out Hayden’s entire conversation with Rodriguez here.

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