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Lyra Valkyria wins NXT women’s championship from Becky Lynch at Halloween Havoc

When you have someone like Becky Lynch carrying around a championship like the NXT women’s title, you don’t generally expect to see her lose it, no matter who her opponent may be, and even when you know eventually that’s going to happen. WWE did a fine job of building up Lyra Valkyria as a choice challenger for her too, with a deep enough backstory to think a switch might happen in the main event of “Halloween Havoc” on NXT television this week in Orlando.

Sure enough, Valkyria pulled it off!

It’s worth noting Jade Cargill showed up just before the two made their entrances to sit on a throne and do some scouting. She’s been on tour with WWE going everywhere, with it never being clear who exactly she was targeting and what brand she may end up on. That this was her second time showing up near the NXT championship seemed significant.

The match itself was a showcase of the history between the two, with Valkyria coming in prepared for everything Lynch had to throw at her. Becky is always evolving her game, though, and they emphasized as much here, but Lyra was ready for everything and by the end she had pinned Lynch’s shoulders to the mat for the three count to win her first NXT championship.

After, Lynch presented the title to Valkyria herself before embracing her with a smile and then raising her arm in victory.

All while Cargill looked on.

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