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Let’s name a potential Dominik Mysterio/Logan Paul tag team

It didn’t work for my man Marcus, but I greatly enjoyed the segment with former WrestleMania foes Dirty Dominik Mysterio and Logan Paul on Raw last night (Oct. 23).

Sure, they didn’t cover any fresh ground when it comes to their issues with Dom’s dad. But it was a logical way to cover that history heading into Paul’s United States championship match with Rey Mysterio at Crown Jewel on Nov. 4. And it’s an integral part of why Dominik is so hated*.

This was also yet another example of how the Triple H era is weaving storylines together, utilizing the characters’ histories, and making it so that everything matters. After that wasn’t the case for much of the last 20+ years of WWE television, I’m going to be celebrating every instance where that happens for a long time — even if other elements of a story or scene don’t work.

But, while Marcus’ take is proof it didn’t work for everyone, for many of us this segment did. The Megastar and The Dirty One played off each other nicely, and even got quite a few wrestling fans thinking about a tag run for the duo somewhere down the line.

WWE’s social media team knows it. And they’re even crowdsourcing possible team names...

There’s a lot of “Dirty Prime” suggestions in the replies. The best option I’ve seen elsewhere is a Squared Circle redditor’s offering of “Mullet Club”.

I don’t know if we can top that, but I bet we can have some fun trying. So get to commenting, Cagesiders. Maybe we’ll hear Samantha Irvin begrudgingly say one of our ideas someday...

* Is WWE piping in boos? Perhaps, but also... who cares? No one ‘s arguing that Dom isn’t getting a ton of legitimate heat. If the company thinks it makes for better TV to enhance the real reaction he gets (and I’d agree with them if they do)... pipe away.

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