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The Nick Aldis vs. Adam Pearce rivalry is here

During this week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Jey Uso showed up to get a measure of revenge on his brother, Jimmy, for costing him the tag team titles on Monday Night Raw this past week. This was pretty standard stuff, and wrestlers, despite the Draft and their status as members of one roster over the other, have been floating between brands for quite a while now.

Despite this, new SmackDown General Manager Nick Aldis was none too pleased with the intrusion, sending security to nab Jey and then fining him $10,000 before kicking him out of the building. What has caught our interest just as much as the Uso family feud is the rivalry that kicked off as this was happening.

Aldis vs. Adam Pearce.

That would be Raw General Manager Adam Pearce, who was also on this show to provide a few snide remarks about how Aldis was going about his business. Aldis didn’t take kindly to that either, and he threw Pearce out on his head alongside Jey.

Pearce responded by simply saying “let the games begin.”

This is about as timely as it gets, considering Survivor Series is just over one month away. We don’t know if War Games are coming back but it’s sure starting to look like the SmackDown vs. Raw rivalry will be featured on the show.

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