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The Alba Fyre/Isla Dawn tag team gets a new name

It was nearly one month ago that Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn finally showed up on our television screens again in the form of a pre-taped interview where the duo, who are playing a couple of witch-y type characters, took credit for putting a curse on the women’s tag team titles. Injuries and illness befell many who held the championship in recent times and it was an easy way to give them something to come back around for.

But then we didn’t hear much from them after that.

Until Friday Night SmackDown this week:

“Chelsea and Piper, it’s one thing to ignore a warning, it’s another thing to meddle with a curse. And you are meddling. You can’t hide. It’s only going to get worse. Those titles belong to us. See you soon!”

They’re now calling themselves “The Unholy Union” and it would seem to bode well for them that their first order of business will be a run at the tag team champions.

Or maybe not, considering how things have gone for anyone holding those titles.

Anyway, here are all the videos from SmackDown this week:

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