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ECW’s Francine calls out Mercedes Moné after recent fan interaction

The Queen of Extreme offers polite advice to the former Sasha Banks.

Mercedes Mone’s Instagram

As wrestling fans wait for the in-ring return of Mercedes Moné, the former Sasha Banks has been making headlines outside of the ring, and not necessarily for the right reasons.

At a recent fan signing at the New York Comic Con, Moné was caught on camera getting short with a fan who stated he knew the reason why she left WWE.

Fan: How’s New Japan wrestling treating you? I know that you had left WWE because of the creative issues so, um...

Moné: Is that the reason?

Fan: That’s what I read.

Moné: Oh, that’s what you read, but you weren’t there, ha ha, so no.

Fan: So what’s the real reason?

Moné: Why would I tell you? Why would I just tell you?

Fan: I want to know.

Moné: You ain’t going to see my interview, are you gonna read my book, you ain’t gonna see me in a picture?

Fan: I do all that.

Moné: Alright then, just wait. Then you just wait.

Fan: I got you.

Moné: Thank you, JJ, appreciate you. Keep on reading your fiction books, okay?

As seen in the video above, it’s a tense moment between the fan and the former WWE Superstar. However, it’s unclear if anything precipitated Moné’s snapback before the recording. Previously, there have been rumors that Moné is rude to fans, though other evidence indicates she is a sweetheart.

Nonetheless, the incident caught the eye of former Extreme Championship Wrestling star Francine, who had something to say about it on her podcast, Eyes Up Here.

“I think it was a little snippy. I think she gets a little snippy, a lot snippy. That was a little snippy, it was a little snippy. Again, I understand the frustration, but there’s a way especially when a fan pays money to get your autograph. Because I was assuming she knew his name, so I was assuming she was signing for if that’s the case, in my mind, I say to myself, ‘Well, he just bought something,’ so I try to be as kind as I can. I don’t try to be condescending because it was a legit question. It wasn’t like he said something inappropriate to her.”

Francine then recounted a story she claimed she heard from a child’s father. According to Francine, Moné told the child to get away from her while they were at the airport. Allegedly, Alexa Bliss witnessed the incident and checked to see if the child was okay.

But regarding the video in question, again, without the benefit of knowing what, if anything, took place before it was shot, it’s tough to say if Moné was right to be as short as she was with what may have been a paying customer. As the professional in that situation, perhaps Moné could’ve demonstrated a more positive approach. It can also be reasoned that the fan should not have brought up a sensitive subject he had no firsthand knowledge of, despite what he may have read on the internet.

Meanwhile, Moné is on the mend following an injury she sustained in a match last May. There has been tons of speculation as to where she might appear next. For now, the wrestling world will have to wait and see.

But what do you make of the incident, Cagesiders? Give us your thoughts in the comments section.

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