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Rey Mysterio still wants a mask vs. hair match against Dominik

After WrestleMania 39, Rey Mysterio was a guest on the popular podcast hosted by the man who recently called him out for a match in WWE. While he was Logan Paul’s guest on Impaulsive back in April, Mysterio said he didn’t think his Bad Bunny-assisted win over his son Dominik at the Showcase of the Immortals was the end of their rivalry.

But Rey had an idea for how he’d like to wrap up the story someday:

“Maybe I put my mask on the line against his hair, which is some lucha culture. If I lose that, I take my mask off. If he loses, he shaves his hair off. That might be interesting.”

The WWE Hall of Famer stressed it wasn’t set it stone, but said he’s “pitch it” and challenge his son. He also figured Dirty Dom would accept, since “he talks a lot of crap” and this would give the younger Mysterio a chance to “back it up”.

It’s still on Rey’s mind. While he was on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani earlier this week announcing that he & Paul would both be on SmackDown tonight (Oct. 20), Mysterio said he hopes he & his son’s story isn’t over, as “there’s still more to give, for both of us.” When Helwani brought up the lucha de apuestas (a betting match, such as mask vs. hair), Rey said:

“Why not? I would love that. I don’t think we’ve ever seen that here. Imagine him bald. Don’t imagine me without the mask, you already know.”

If you don’t know, google “WCW Superbrawl IX”. Or just “Rey Mysterio unmasked”. You’ll get plenty of results.

Anyway… what do you think about a Rey vs. Dom, mask vs. hair match in WWE?

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