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Big match reportedly pulled from Raw (Possible SPOILER)

WWE’s YouTube

WWE Raw tonight (Oct. 2) was supposed to feature a Becky Lynch NXT Women’s title defense against Tegan Nox. It was weeks in the making, using a behind-the-scenes change to give us our latest example of how The Man says she wants to use the belt — to put a spotlight on members of the roster who haven’t been given many television opportunities.

Unfortunately accord to reports from both Fightful Select and Twitter/X insider BWE, it won’t be happening this week as Becky hasn’t been cleared to wrestle on Raw.

Neither source directly states what the reason is, but Fightful makes the logical implication — that it’s due to the cut Lynch suffered Saturday night in her Extreme Rules title defense against Tiffany Stratton in the main event of NXT’s No Mercy premium live event. Lynch shared a picture of a pretty nasty-looking laceration on her arm that required stitches. Reports indicate it needed 11 of them.

WWE’s website is still listing the match in its rundown for Raw as of this writing, which could mean they have an angle planned to explain why Lynch vs. Nox won’t happen. Or it could just mean they were hoping to be able to work around it but were overruled by the medical team.

Join us in our live blog tonight and we can see how it plays out together.

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