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Tommaso Ciampa was sick and tired of WWE yanking his chain over the DIY reunion

DIY reunited in WWE earlier this month when Johnny Gargano returned on Raw to save Tommaso Ciampa from an attack by Imperium.

Prior to that, there were rumors of a potential DIY reunion for months, including one story about it being specifically planned for an episode of Raw in June, before Vince McMahon made late changes to the show.

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Ciampa discussed his frustrations with what was going on behind the scenes in WWE regarding the start-and-stop nature of the planned DIY reunion. Keep in mind that this video was posted today on YouTube, but it was taped shortly before Gargano’s return and the actual DIY reunion from a couple weeks ago.

Ciampa was asked if DIY is going to be a thing on the main roster. Here’s what he had to say about it.

“[I’m] genuinely, completely not worried about anyone listening to this.

I wish I knew for certain the answer to that. The amount of times it’s been a green light, red light, green light, red light, this is a thing, now maybe this date.

We’ve done everything to prep. Gear, new slogans, anything you could think of to prep. Started doing some social stuff at one point, where I was like oh it’s green light we know, and you just keep getting the roadblocks thrown in your way, or hiccups. I have no idea at this point.

If it happens, I think it’s cool. It’s great. Yeah, I’m still a babyface underdog, whatever, but we have a good chemistry. We could play off each other and then there’s a whole fresh slate of opponents, and some cool stuff we can do.

If it wasn’t gonna happen, you just kinda wanna be like, okay well let’s get into something. Let’s get something going here. Ideally, that turns me into a bad guy, just ‘cause that’s my cup of tea. But regardless, something to grab onto to show people that’s the NXT guy that people liked. That’s why there was hype.”

Well, the DIY reunion is finally here, so let’s hope we get to see a lot of the cool stuff, gear, and new slogans that Ciampa refers to above. Vince McMahon is gone from WWE creative for now, so this is the best time to feature Gargano and Ciampa as a team on Raw.

Are you surprised to hear Ciampa’s account of what happened backstage regarding the reunion of DIY? Give us your thoughts in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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