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Shane McMahon’s son won’t rule out becoming a WWE superstar

Shane McMahon’s oldest son Declan is currently in college at Indiana University, where he’s a running back in the Hoosiers football program.

As part of the McMahon family, it’s natural to wonder if Declan has aspirations to join WWE down the road when he is finished with school.

During an interview with WU Online, McMahon brought up the family business as a fall back option when asked if he hopes to play in the NFL:

“It’s one of those things where if the opportunity presents itself, I would love to obviously play in the NFL, but if that opportunity doesn’t come, there’s obviously so many options, family business, things like that. So, you never know.”

Later in the interview, McMahon was directly asked about joining WWE in the future. While answering the question, McMahon reflected back on the rush of excitement he felt being part of Shane’s entrance at WrestleMania 32 in 2016:

“When WrestleMania 32 came to AT&T Stadium, and running out there with my dad, that was just the coolest experience of my life. Just to see 100,000 [people] and a sold-out crowd cheering for something that’s way bigger than yourself, and it really gets to put it in perspective of what it means to not only be a champion, but to be a superstar.

So, I’m never ruling it out. I would love to get in the ring maybe a couple times, but obviously you have to see if the opportunity presents itself. It’s all about the story, but we’ll see. I think a lot of fans would get behind it if we ended up doing it, and I think I’d be be pretty good at it. But you never know. Never ruling an option out. But as for now, focusing on football and school, and we’ll play that by ear.”

That sounds to me like someone we’ll be seeing in a WWE ring in a few years from now. But please do us all a favor, Declan, and just say no if the idea pitched to you is a WrestleMania match against Hulk Hogan’s son.

What year do you think Declan McMahon will take his first stunner from Stone Cold Steve Austin? Give us your predictions in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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