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Plot to take out Trick Williams succeeds, and Carmelo Hayes benefits

What a long strange trip it was to find the next number one contender to Ilja Dragunov’s NXT championship on this week’s episode of NXT television.

First, while Carmelo Hayes, Baron Corbin, and Dijak were bickering back and forth over their triple threat main event match, Dragunov interrupted with an announcement that Trick Williams would be joining the fray to make it a Fatal 4-Way:

This led to some obvious tension between Trick and his old pal ‘Melo:

Strangely enough, Trick Willy was attacked backstage before ever getting to the match, and look who was on the scene awfully fast:

It was quickly reported that Williams was being taken to a hospital and would not be able to make the main event, making it the triple threat match it was originally announced as. And you already know who emerged victorious.

Carmelo Hayes.

It stinks to the top.

Hayes vs. Dragunov 3 is now official for “Halloween Havoc” in two weeks.

Get complete results and coverage of this week’s episode of NXT TV right here.

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