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Lexis King will debut for NXT at Halloween Havoc

We knew Brian Pillman Jr. was changing his name to King, and now we know he will officially be known as “Lexis King” moving forward. We also learned he’ll be making his debut proper at next week’s “Halloween Havoc” special episode of NXT television.

His latest:

“Superstars from the past would approach me and share stories about all the good times they had with my father, tell me how much they loved him. You know what I’d do? I’d look ‘em right in the eyes and lie straight through my teeth and say ‘yeah, I loved him too.’

“Well, the reality is when you’re just four years old you don’t know what love is. Hell, I never knew that man. He spent more nights in a damn hotel room than he did at my home. You expect me to love him? I am in no one’s shadow.

“Halloween Havoc is the start of my career, not the continuation of someone else’s. I’m going to take the first steps down my own path. I’m going to make my name bigger than his name ever was.

“And that name is Lexis King.”

That’s another damn good promo, though it’s a produced piece of work. They’ve done a great job with the character in the few weeks these videos have been airing hyping his debut, creating separation from the man and his father and allowing him room to shine on his own.

They’ve also done well to create intrigue in whether or not he’ll do exactly that. We’ll start to learn the answer to that next week.

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