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Sami Zayn slammed Jey Uso for KO trade, then popped off on Drew McIntyre

It was a revealing and emotional night for the former Honorary Uce.

Sami Zayn had a lot to get off his chest Monday on Raw (Oct. 16), perhaps too much, and now the former Honorary Uce may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Zayn opened the show expressing mixed emotions over his best friend, Kevin Owens, getting traded to SmackDown last week, effectively ending their tag team for now. Then, after he took a few verbal pokes at Judgment Day, the goth crew came out to confront him until Jey Uso ran out to back up Zayn in backing down the quartet.

But Zayn was anything but ucey once backstage, as he popped off on Jey, blaming him for the Owens trade, saying it should’ve been KO having his back. And that’s when the green-eyed monster known as jealousy reared its head, as Zayn laid into “Main Event” Jey:

“You got everything going for you now, man. You got Cody Rhodes, and that’s going great. And you’ve got the tag team championships, and that’s great. And you got your friend, and you’ve got the championships. And I’ve got neither of those anymore, and it’s because of you!”

Zayn eventually caught himself and apologized profusely to Uso, who happily forgave Zayn in Jey Uso fashion (“YEET!”). Still, it was a surprising reveal into Zayn’s mindset and motivation, which may hint at a character shift in the future.

But that’s not where Zayn’s night ended.

Later, Drew McIntyre caught up to him and acknowledged Zayn for his leadership and for stepping up after leaving the Bloodline. But when McIntyre began to talk smack about Uso’s past, Zayn stood up for his friend and echoed Seth Rollins’ words to McIntyre earlier, telling him to get over the Bloodline.

McIntyre fired back, saying Zayn doesn’t understand the pressure of being a world champion and that he never will if he continues to trust everyone and anyone. Zayn took offense to that and challenged the former WWE Champion to a match on Raw next week, which the Scottish Warrior accepted.

Where is all this leading for Sami Zayn? Will he continue to earn the respect of his peers and fans as he looks to pursue world championship glory? Or will he slip back into his old manipulative ways that helped him snake his way into the Bloodline? And how will he fare on his own against a beast like Drew McIntyre?

Give us your best guesses down below on what you think the future holds for Sami Zayn, Cagesiders.

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