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GUNTHER is still your Intercontinental champion (of course)

GUNTHER came into this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw in Oklahoma City in the midst of a historic reign with the Intercontinental championship, having held it for nearly 500 days days straight. His latest challenger would be one of his biggest yet, quite literally.

It’s right there in his name — “Big” Bronson Reed.

That’s what made the match intriguing. GUNTHER has been a dominant champion in part because he’s a big fella throwing vicious chops that knock most men down to size. How different would things look with a brick shithouse like Reed in there with him?

As it turns out, not much.

The big fella gave GUNTHER a run for his money, sure, as “Big” Bronson went blow-for-blow with the champ. He ate a lot of shots and kept right on pushing forward.

But, like everyone else before him, Reed couldn’t rise to the occasion, as he was pinned following a powerbomb.

It was one hell of a match, though, one WWE may need to run back sooner rather than later.

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