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Rey Mysterio says Logan Paul will be on SmackDown to set-up their match

On Saturday night (Oct. 14), Logan Paul wasted no time shifting his focus from the boxing ring back to the pro wrestling one. Being interviewed by Ariel Helwani after his disqualification victory over Dillon Dannis, the YouTube star-turned-combat sports sensation called out WWE United States champion Rey Mysterio.

As fate (and promotional strategy) would have it, Mysterio was one of Helwani’s guests on the Oct. 16 The MMA Hour over at our sister site MMA Fighting. Rey offered his take on the callout to Ariel:

“I was like, ‘What did he just say? No way,’ and I had to rewind it to make sure. He did, he called me out. I’m like, ‘Okay. I’m not hard to find. You can find me every Friday night on SmackDown.’ I can’t wait to see what he has to say.”

Helwani clarified this meant both Mysterio and Paul will be on FOX this week (the Oct. 20 episode of SmackDown), and Rey confirmed that they would be. The host then angled for a job hosting their eventual face-to-face segment after the match is official. Ariel suggested that Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia would make sense for a Mysterio vs. Paul clash, but the WWE Hall of Famer said we’ll have to tune in Friday night to find out.

However the build goes from here, it started with Rey putting his likely next opponent over in a big way:

The legendary luchador did correct Paul about their WrestleMania 38 clash, pointing out it was The Miz — not Paul — who pinned him in that one.

Let us know if you’re excited for this singles clash, and watch Mysterio’s entire conversation with Helwani — which includes talk of Eddie Guerrero, Dirty Dom’s ascendance to one of wrestling’s top heels, and more — at MMA Fighting.

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