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KO sends love to ‘a friend named Adam’ during first interview back on SmackDown

He didn’t offer a last name, but since Kevin Owens’ shout out was for someone who just underwent serious surgery we’re pretty sure it was for AEW’s Adam Cole.

On the SmackDown season premiere last night (Oct. 13), Kevin Owens was revealed as the “player to be named later” sent to the blue brand in the Cody Rhodes-orchestrated trade that put Jey Uso on Raw.

It creates some interesting questions about KO’s future, some of which are addressed and teased in his first interview back on SmackDown. But the thing we want to highlight from Owens’ “Digital Exclusive” chat with Cathy Kelley is his closing message (at ~1:45 of this video):

“And before I go, I just want to say I have a friend named Adam who had a very serious surgery today. He’s at the hopsital now recovering. I just want to say Adam, we love you, we’re with you, and take care of yourself, buddy. And that’s about it.”

Now, maybe Kev has another friend named Adam who was in need of serious surgery. But given his well documented friendship with AEW’s Adam Cole going back to their Ring of Honor days, and the fact he just suffered a “soul-crushing” injury that requires multiple operations, and how Cole’s relationship with WWE Head of Creative Triple H means Haitch would have likely blessed and co-signed this cross-promotional message... we’re going to assume it was for a certain BAY BAY.

Wrestling wars are cool and all, but people supporting and celebrating their friends despite them is cooler.

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