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Bianca Belair: Jade Cargill signing shows WWE’s continued evolution

In WWE’s media blitz for Jade Cargill following the announcement of her signing last month, the former AEW titleholder frequently praised Bianca Belair and mentioned her as a dream opponent.

Belair, who’s taking some time away from weekly WWE television but has stayed busy promoting the company, was recently asked for her thoughts on Jade’s addition to the women’s roster. From what she told Uproxx, it’s as much about the overall dream as the dream matches:

“It’s always been a huge goal and mission of mine to bring myself and my culture and representation to WWE. And it’s only going to get bigger with Jade coming in the picture. There’s so many amazing possibilities that can come out of it, singles matches, tag matches. Going from being one of the first Black females to main event WrestleMania and now having Jade come in, it’s just showing how much WWE is evolving and continues to evolve.”

The dream matches are important, though. And The EST reminding us that she and Sasha Banks (now wrestling else where as Mercedes Moné) made history at WrestleMania 37 is key to her point.

WWE’s evolved to a more diverse women’s roster. The continuation of that evolution will involve Black wrestlers and ones from other historically underrepresented groups routinely headlining shows. Adding someone like Cargill, who WWE clearly sees as a star, will help make that happen.

You can read the rest of Uproxx’s interview with Bianca Belair here.

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