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Karrion Kross explains why he’s lost in the shuffle in WWE

The last time we saw Karrion Kross wrestle on WWE television was two months ago on the Aug. 11 episode of SmackDown, when he lost the blowoff match of his feud with AJ Styles. Around that same time, Kross teased he might be leading a shitty new faction in WWE, but nothing has developed on that front.

The loss to Styles capped off a very disappointing first year back in WWE for Kross. Is there any reason to think his booking will improve when we returns to TV?

During an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Kross was asked about being lost in the shuffle in WWE. Here is his theory on why things have played out this why:

“This is just my opinion. I landed into a very interesting time in the programming, So if you notice, we’ve got three very strong heels with three titles for quite a while: [Austin] Theory, GUNTHER, Roman [Reigns]. These guys all had very long title runs. Functionally, from a programming standpoint, these are the top dogs, right? Babyfaces gotta go up to the PLEs to fight the heels.

...I was the most dominant heel [in NXT] because I was champion. When you’re the heel and you’ve got the belt, a lot of the programming of the show should go in that direction. If I’m writing and formatting a wrestling television show, that’s how I’m gonna format it. A lot of the time really does need to go to the people who have the belts. And that’s anyone, not just those three specifically. But anyone who has a belt, that’s the whole purpose of that.

If you were to compare Game of Thrones, everyone is trying to get the throne. And there are sub plots, but they’re not taking up a massive portion of the show. The show should be about trying to get the throne, just like in wrestling, the show should be about trying to get the belts.”

Kross thinks he was crowded out of a prominent role because there were so many dominant heel champions in WWE during the last year, and the heels underneath (like him) had to put over the babyfaces who were fighting those top heels on the big monthly weekend events.

When pressed about a return to NXT possibly helping him gain momentum in WWE, Kross said he’s definitely open to a return to NXT, but only if there is a narrative in place that makes sense for it.

Do you think Karrion’s explanation for his poor booking in WWE makes sense, Cagesiders?

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