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Here is Undertaker’s reunion with HBK backstage at NXT

WWE brought in just about all of the big guns for this week for NXT’s head-to-head ratings battle against AEW Dynamite. The Undertaker even made a rare television appearance, closing out the night by riding down to the ring on his motorcycle and chokeslamming Bron Breakker.

Before all of that went down, though, the Dead Man had a backstage reunion with NXT’s head honcho, Shawn Michaels. Only a brief clip of it is included here on Instagram, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless:

Undertaker and HBK weren’t always close friends, going by Taker’s story about taping his fists up backstage at WrestleMania 14 while preparing to make sure HBK would go ahead with dropping the WWF championship to Steve Austin. That was in 1998. By the time 2009 and 2010 came around, Michaels and Undertaker were working together to put on some of the best WrestleMania matches ever as part of Taker’s undefeated streak and the end of HBK’s in-ring career.

With that in mind, the careers of these two legends are forever intertwined, so it’s pretty cool to see them embrace backstage at NXT for Undertaker’s surprise return.

How did you feel watching Undertaker and HBK hug, Cagesiders?

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