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The season of Roman Reigns is here as the Tribal Chief is set to return

Joy to the world, the Undisputed Champion is back!

With the Tuesday Night War between NXT and AEW out of the way, the wrestling world now turns its attention to this coming Friday the 13th, where the infamously unlucky day will bring good news as finally, Roman Reigns, The Tribal Chief, comes back to WWE.

And with his glorious return comes the start of a joyous months-long season, the Roman Holiday!

And no, that’s not a reference to the 1953 Audrey Hepburn classic.

Each year at this time, The Head of the Table rises from the Island of Relevancy to begin his royal march toward WrestleMania, with his first match in the season typically coming in Saudi Arabia, where he famously put on clinics in 2021 and 2022.

This year, however, Reigns ends a two-month sabbatical with an appearance on SmackDown in Tulsa, OK, before returning to the ring at a live event in Kansas City, MO, this Saturday, where he will defend the WWE Undisputed Championship against Sami Zayn.

But with his return come questions about what lies ahead for arguably the most preeminent performer in sports entertainment history and his journey to the Showcase of the Immortals.

Advertising for SmackDown focuses on Reigns returning to find the Bloodline in shambles after Fastlane. Though not mentioned, there is also the issue of Jimmy Uso’s status within the family and how Reigns will address it, as Jimmy was the first to defect from the Bloodline, only to try to slime his way back in after SummerSlam.

In addition, Reigns is expected to begin a program soon that leads to WWE’s next premium live event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for Crown Jewel.

After that, Reigns’ schedule again goes blank. He is noticeably absent from advertising for the Survivor Series later in November and the Royal Rumble in January. Though odd, it’s worth pointing out that Reigns wasn’t advertised for WWE’s last visit to Saudi Arabia in May before that changed, and he wrestled on the card.

Beyond his future availability, other intriguing questions come with his return.

What does Reigns make of his special counsel, the noticeably haggard Paul Heyman, after Heyman enthusiastically represented Bron Breakker on NXT? Did the Wise Man secretly find himself a new client? Or did he secure an added insurance policy to help keep the Undisputed title on Reigns?

Speaking of Heyman and NXT, the Wise Man was spotted talking to The Rock’s daughter while visiting WWE’s developmental brand, Ava. Might this set up the long-rumored showdown between Reigns and the self-proclaimed Great One?

Fans will have to wait a bit before all is made clear, but the answer to the first question, what’s next for Reigns, should come to light Friday.

In the meantime, rejoice and be glad because The Head of the Table, the gift that keeps on giving, is returning to delight us all.

Happy Roman Holiday, Cagesiders! May The Tribal Chief bless us, everyone!

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