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BikerTaker returns for NXT appearance

Although WWE never outright advertised The Undertaker for this week’s episode of NXT television, one they called the biggest of all time, they did hint at it while also teasing it out with a GONG at the end of promo videos over the past week.

And then Bron Breakker, Paul Heyman, Carmelo Hayes, and John Cena were making their way out for the main event and there was still no sign of The Deadman. Perhaps we were all bamboozled? Led astray? Run amok? Flat out deceived?


That’s because while Bron Breakker was being a sore loser, spearing Carmelo Hayes after losing to him and standing over him to claim “there’s only one badass in WWE,” a familiar theme hit the loudspeakers, one we haven’t heard for some time.

An American Bad Ass theme.

BikerTaker hit the scene to stand toe-to-toe with young Bron as “holy shit” chants broke out in the Performance Center.

“You listen to me, old timer,” Bron started. “There’s only one badass around here, you understand me?”

Undertaker grabbed the mic from him and said “Bron, I’ve been watching you for a long time. And one day you’re going to be a very special talent. It’s just one thing — it ain’t today.”

And then a big punch followed by a chokeslam.

He ended the show telling Breakker he just met the baddest ass of them all and celebrating alongside Hayes, who moves on to next week to wrestle in a top contender match for another shot at the NXT championship.

What a night.

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