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Cody Rhodes makes his major announcement in NXT

WWE wasted no time having Cody Rhodes make his major announcement on what the promotion has been calling “the biggest NXT of all time.” Rhodes, one half of the undisputed tag team champions, opened this week’s episode to a thunderous ovation from the Performance Center faithful.

The building looked as full as ever, and they were LOUD for “The American Nightmare.”

So... what did he wanna talk about?

Well, he had a couple of announcements, not just the one they were promising.

First, he revealed that at the conclusion of the women’s breakout tournament the men will have one of their own.

Then, he revealed the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic will also be coming back.

Finally, he revealed he is the special guest general manager for this week’s show. Vic Joseph responded to it by saying “Cody Rhodes has the pencil tonight.” Indeed.

No specific details on the two tournaments he announced before all that, and they instantly went into Ilja Dragunov showing up to chat with Rhodes, but those were the announcements.

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