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The Verdict on Raw’s epic women’s hoss fight: Nia Jax vs. Raquel Rodriguez

A match between the Irresistible Force and an immovable object summons us to Cageside Court.

When it was announced that Nia Jax and Raquel Rodriguez would meet this week on Raw, I was happy to share the news because I had a feeling it would be good, saying:

And so the stage is set for a lady hoss fight of epic proportions. Hopefully, it’ll remain a one-on-one contest, but if this past Raw is any indication, expect a chance of shenanigans.

Still, it should be good while it lasts.

Sure enough, they didn’t let me down.

Once the bell rang, Jax charged forward like a locomotive, running through Rodriguez before dribbling her head off the mat several times. Rodriguez responded with a series of shoulders to the midsection that almost drove Jax from the ring.

And then Rodriguez, feeling confident in her power, tried to muscle Jax up for a bodyslam, but her back gave out, allowing the Irresistible Force to take over with extreme fury outside the ring. There, Jax tossed her adversary into the ringside barrier with such impact that it looked like Rodriguez would smash through the padding.

Somehow, she overcame Nia’s onslaught and responded with three thunderous clotheslines and a boot to the face that leveled Jax.

As the match progressed, Rodriguez proved she could lift Jax off her feet, but she couldn’t finish the job for a slam. Later, though, she almost drove the former women’s champion through the ring with a running powerbomb after she scooped Jax off the second turnbuckle.

And that was the cue for the shenanigans to begin, with Rhea Ripley storming the ring and battering both women. Then Shayna Baszler got involved, nailing Ripley with a German suplex that put her in the running for Mayor of Suplex City before knocking the Women’s Champion out for good with a knee strike.

From start to finish, this segment had me and my wife yelling, “OH!”

Though there was no winner, I was left wanting more. And we never got to see Rodriguez slam the larger Jax, leaving us with a cliffhanger: can she do it? For that matter, can Ripley do it? Can Baszler take Jax on a tour of Suplex City?

I don’t know the answers to these questions, but I know there’s only one way to find out.


Final Verdict: I liked it.

Rodriguez and Jax was an epic slugfest on a night where Raw was firing on all cylinders, including a tag team title match that deserves match of the year consideration. And next week, we’re getting GUNTHER against Bronson Reed!

But that’s in seven days.

For now, Cageside jurors, render your verdict below with what you liked or disliked from the Oct. 9 Raw.

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