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All hail Ivar

It was just one week ago that I was shouting out Xavier Woods and Ivar for putting together a really fun match smack dab in the middle of an episode of Monday Night Raw building to a premium live event they were not booked for. The end result of said really fun match was Ivar being booked to square up with Kofi Kingston once again on Monday Night Raw this week in a VIKING RULES match.

Now that it’s over, I’m here to say it — all hail Ivar!

I mean, look at this man:

Kingston grabbed that man by his beard and then flipped him over and through a table from the top rope to the floor on the outside of the ring. Holy shit!

We’ve seen plenty of big men who can do amazing things in pro wrestling, sure, but I remain amazed that a man of his size can get up there and do something like that. Later, he scored the win off a moonsault back in the ring.

I can’t say enough good things about the quality of matches Ivar has been putting together alongside The New Day. Screw it, let’s do it again next week!

Anyway, here are all the videos from Raw this week:

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